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  • Seoul subway to apply new seat design for pregnant women

  • Press Releases SMG 4341

    SEOUL, Jul. 24, 2015 – Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it will apply new design for pregnant women at Seoul Subway lines 2 and 5 as from July. SMG expects that the change could allow passengers to yield their seats to pregnant women more easily. The change will be applied to subway lines 2 and 5, starting from the latter part of July.

    In order to help people recognize that the seat is for the pregnant women, the seat will change its color into pink from the back of the seat with a note that says ‘This is the seat for a future protagonist’ written on the bottom.

    There are currently two seats that are reserved for expecting mothers in each car, and a sticker that says ‘For Pregnant People’ marks the seats. However, the emblem which indicates that the seat has priority to pregnant women can’t be seen to others when is on the seat. Therefore, Seoul decided to apply the new design to let people know the seat is for others.

    The new design will be applied to 2,884 seats on line 2 and line 5 subway trains. It will be expanded to other lines after gathering public opinions.

    “Pregnant women in their early stage of pregnancy usually could not have a priority on the seat as they do not look like a pregnant women even they suffer from sickness”, Yoon Jong-jang, the Director of Seoul Transportation Plan Department said. “We kindly ask everybody to look around when they have a seat on the subway to yield the seat to a pregnant women or anybody who in need”, He added.