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  • Seoul Storytelling Project to Create New Tourist Attractions – Performance No. 1

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    Original Outdoor Play about the Seoul City Wall

    The first result of the “Seoul Storytelling Project to Create New Tourist Attractions” being promoted by Seoul Metropolitan Government is presented to the citizens as an original outdoor play titled “Bag of Stories – Seoul City Wall Built with Tiger Rock.” Details are as follows:



    • Time: (1) at 17:00 every Saturday from September 7 to October 19
      (2) at 15:00 every Saturday from October 26 to November 9
    • Place: Performance Square, Naksan Park
    • Number: 12 performances in all (free admission)

      For inquiries, contact: Tel. 070-7728-1731 (Operations Office)

    “Seoul City Wall Built with Tiger Stone” is about the Inwangsan tiger and the tiger rock in our folktale and the stories behind the building of the fortress wall at the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty.

    The building of the city wall continued to be delayed due to a tiger that used to come down to villages by nightfall to take people away. People were scared, and their livelihoods suffered. It turned out that the tiger, too, had a difficulty. In the end, the people and the tiger listened to each other and found a way to coexist peacefully.


    September Performances of the “Seoul Storytelling Project to Create New Tourist Attractions”


    Perform nce Time Place Admission Main Contents Inquiry
    Hangang Storytelling Tour with a Mentor 18:00
    Sep 7 (Sat)
    Jamsil Hangang Park Free
    (Reservation required)
    “Late Night Tales along the Hangang (River)” by mentor Jeon Yuseong, a godfather figure for local comedians 070-7728-1731
    Operations Office
    Sep 28 (Sat)
    Seonyudo Hangang Park “The Han River viewed through a camera lense“
    by mentor Kim Jung-man, a world-renowned photographer
    Open Space Theater
    “Mysterious Time Traveler”
    12:00 & 17:00
    Aug 24 ~ Oct 26
    J-Bug Complex,
    Ttukseom Hangang Park
    Free A time travel into the past along the Hangang (River) to meet the country’s major historical figures
    A Musical about Hanseong Baekje Dynasty
    Saturdays & Sundays
    Sep 1 ~30
    Seoul Baekje Museum Free A historical reenactment of the King Geunchogo era, the golden age of the Baekje Dynasty, in a musical as well as a fancy royal costume show and parade participated by audience