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  • “Seoul Statistics Map” Shows All Convenience Facilities within 1km

  • SMG 3401

    A person – let’s call her A – wanted to move to a place where schools and cram schools for her children, and large-scale supermarkets for shopping, were all located within close proximity, but she could not find such an area. Then, she learned about the Seoul Statistics Map, a service provided by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Using this service, A found a few places where schools and cram schools were located within 500 meters and a large supermarket within 1,000 meters.

    Using various administrative statistical data, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide an “Urban Statistics Map (http://stat.seoul.go.kr/initinfo),” a service that provides people with information at a glance about the facilities that belong to eight types of business that are closely related to people’s everyday lives. Seoul is the first city in Korea to provide this service for citizens.

    The Urban Statistics Map is convenient because not only does it mark the locations of facilities on the map, but also users can check the facilities within 300m, 500m, and 1km specifically. The Urban Statistics Map provides statistical information about businesses and welfare facilities through visual data, such as maps and images, instead of charts and figures, which previously had been difficult to decipher.

    From over 1,000 types of businesses, in the government statistics, through collecting opinions from academics and experts, the Seoul Metropolitan Government selected eight types of business. These refer to food, shopping, medicine, education, living, culture, welfare, and finance, which are closely related to the livelihood of people.

    Citizens can use the Urban Statistics Map to check the level of living convenience of specific areas for various purposes. When starting a business, citizens can check the distribution of businesses and use the map as a basic source to analyze the commercial district in the area of their choice. When moving, they can also check the distribution of amenities and convenience facilities, as well as schools, shopping malls, and hospitals beforehand.