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  • Seoul Station Walking Tour Revealing Stories of Seoul

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will officially begin operation of the Seoul Station Walking Tour on June 18, 2016. The tour will introduce citizens of Seoul to the culture, history, and hidden stories of Seoul found in the neighborhood of Seoul Station.

    The SMG will conduct the Seoul Station Walking Tour four times a week starting this weekend (Saturday, June 18) until the end of October, in order to allow residents and visitors to rediscover the entire area of Seoul Station, which is a relatively underdeveloped part of Seoul despite being the center of the city. The Seoul Station Walking Tour is a program in which participants listen to stories of Seoul, nearby buildings, and the history and culture of the area while strolling throughout the area of Seoul Station. The tour offers four different courses: 〈Hoehyeon and Namsan Course〉, which allows participants to enjoy the nature and the 600-year history of Seoul, 〈Jungnim and Chungjeong Course〉, where participants can encounter the old and stylish modern architecture of the area, 〈Cheongpa and Hyochang Course〉, which is filled with old and surprising stories, and 〈Combined Course of Seoul Station〉, which encompasses the entire area of western and eastern Seoul Station.

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    The walking tour takes about two hours, and anyone above elementary school level who can walk without difficulty can participate. Applications should be submitted to http://yeyak.seoul.go.kr, and currently the service is available only in Korean. The participation fee is 2,000 won per person.