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  • “Seoul Station Overpass Walking Path” has a New Name and a New Face BI (Brand Identity) Revealed

  • SMG 5304

    Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the new name of Seoul Station Overpass Walking Path, “Seoullo 7017” and BI (Brand Identity) of its logo. The Seoul Station Overpass Walking Path will be reformed as “Walking Path” for people by April 2017.

    The name of “Seoullo 7017” has dual meanings. It means “walking path for people representing Seoul,” and “a path towards Seoul” at the same time. “7017” refers to the year 1970, when Seoul Station Overpass was built, and the year 2017, when it will be reformed as a walking path.

    The logo is designed using a curved shape and resembles a smiling face with good grace, showing friendliness. In particular, the logo replaced “r” with “l” in English spelling of “ro”, a word that stands for “road” in Korean. The two lower cases of “l” symbolize the shape of walking human feet. The logo is designed to be pleasant, energetic, and dynamic. It also shows how a car road is intuitively changed to become a road for people.


    English (Basic) English (Variation) Korean (Basic) Chinese


    Since the Seoul Station Overpass Walking Path is located on the route with Seoul’s major tourist attractions, Seoul tried to create a BI which is easily read by all foreigners and has the same meaning and pronunciation for both Koreans and foreigners.