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  • Seoul Station Overpass to be Rebuilt as a “Walking Path”

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to establish a variety of facilities including cafes, a library, an outdoor stage, and a rose square on the elevated road of Seoul Station, a project expected to be completed in April 2017. Only a few days ago the elevated road was a road for vehicles. The Seoul Metropolitan Government established the basic plan of “Seoul Station 7017 Project” which focuses on transforming the 939m of the deteriorated elevated road near Seoul Station from a road for cars to a “Walking Path” for people. The road, which has served as a road for cars for the past 45 years, will now be connected to 17 pedestrian roads.

    Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon said, “Instead of tearing down the old to build the new, as we have in the past, we are planning on adding value to the existing structures, adding to the lives of Seoul citizens through urban renewal. This project will be a fresh attempt to trigger the revitalization of the deteriorated Seoul Station area using a path for people and the vitality it evokes.”

    Starting March 2016, the city will start repair and rehabilitation of the bridge for citizens’ safety. As many as 264 bridge support systems, which have been rated E in safety audits, will be entirely replaced with seismic isolation support, an earthquake-resistant material. Also the elevated road will be connected to 17 pedestrian roads through elevators, escalators, bridges, and other pedestrian-friendly pathways. Furthermore, it is expected that people in the adjacent buildings will be able to access the Seoul Station overpass by walking through the bridges.

    On the elevated park, there will be about 20 facilities including cafes, a library, an outdoor stage, flower shops, and 16 large and small squares. As a result, the overpass is expected to be a public resting place in the urban area surrounding Seoul Station.

    In addition,Seoul metropolitan government is supposed to establish and operate the “Seoul Station 7017 Infogarden”in April 2016 at Seoul Square, with an aim to display the renewed Seoul Station overpass beforehand. The infogarden will have an elevated park model exhibition, a video experience center, and book cafes. Visitors to the infogarden will have the opportunity to see 11 flowerpots expected to be placed on the road in advance.

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