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  • Seoul Station Overpass to Be Closed from Midnight on December 13

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government has begun preliminary work on the Seoul Station Overpass Project, including the improvement of the transportation system around Seoul Station and management of the construction site. The city has also requested Seoul citizens to use the designated detours and public transportation starting on December 13, 2015, and has already deployed nearly 700 officials to conduct thorough construction site management and provide guidance were necessary.

    The city completed the installation of surveillance cameras with the aim of cracking down on the illegal parking and stopping that have been causing major traffic congestion in front of Seoul Station, and installed speed bumps to relieve congestion caused by conflicts between taxis and general vehicles in front of Seoul Station.

    Subway Lines 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6, which pass through and around Seoul Station, will run more frequently—42 trips during rush hours every day for a week starting on December 14, the first weekday after the closing of the overpass. The city has six reserve cars in preparation for the sharp increase in the number of passengers that is expected, and is planning to monitor the situation closely and increase the number of cars on an as-needed basis.

    Meanwhile, Seoul Metropolitan Government will focus on promoting the designated detour routes and guiding traffic onsite so as to minimize any confusion that may arise from the closing of the Seoul Station Overpass. Starting at midnight on December 13, the city will provide helpful information on the Seoul Transport Operation and Information Service website (topis.seoul.go.kr) and set up variable message signs along the roads to guide drivers to the detour routes.