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City of Seoul

  • Seoul Station 7017 (3m)

  • City of Seoul SMG 2665

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    1970 and 2017 intersect
    at Seoul Station overpass.
    Seoul Station 7017
    Transformation of roads into walkways
    Transforming roads into green spaces for the public!
    Seoul Metropolitan City returns Seoul Station overpass to its citizens
    Transformation into a green space of communication
    684 round flower beds, 20 pedestrian facilities, and 16 squares
    Seoul Station overpass will be transformed into an urban rest area.
    17 connecting walkways
    The walkways of Seoul Station overpass will connect you to numerous tourist destinations in Seoul.
    Elevators are installed in six key connecting points to provide access for the disabled and the elderly to the most popular tourist destinations in Seoul.
    Garden Management Library
    The Library provides various information about urban gardens. Imagine your own garden in downtown Seoul.
    Rose Cafe
    Rose Café is a place where you can enjoy nature and relax in the heart of Seoul while drinking a cup of coffee and appreciating the fragrance of roses.
    Rose Stage
    Rose Stage provides an extensive range of cultural performances. Enjoy music and arts, while strolling along the walkways lined with roses.
    Puppet Theater
    Puppet Theater is a venue for watching small-scale performances like puppet plays. Families with children will spend a great time here.
    History Zone
    Coexistence of the past and present of Seoul Station overpass.
    Trace the 46-year-old history of Seoul Station overpass.
    Curiosity Flowerpot
    Enjoy media on Seoul and Hallyu by looking into the holes of the Curiosity Flowerpots.

    Flower Store & Cafe
    At Flower Store & Café, you can enjoy the views of Sungnyemun Gate and Seoul Station with sweet-smelling flowers while looking down at the busy roads beneath your feet.
    Bench Flowerpot
    Bench Flowerpots for all to enjoy.
    Take a break from your busy life next to flowers and trees.
    Building Bridge
    Building Bridges are connected to neighboring buildings.
    You can get to Namsan Park from Seoul Station overpass via Building Bridges.
    Enjoy the attractive views of Seoul on the overpass while admiring the history and culture at the same time.

    The railways of Seoul Station and automobile roads nearby
    Pedestrians used to be not able to pass through the roads.
    With Seoul Station 7017, walkways open and people gather.
    Seoul Station is revitalized and the energy spreads to the surrounding areas.
    Namdaemun Market
    Seoul Station
    New walkways of Seoul
    Harmony between city, nature and people
    / Harmony between past and present

    Seoul Station 7017