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  • Seoul Startup Hub

    00:00:00 Hi guys, it’s Millena here.
    00:00:01 Today, we’re going to visit Seoul Startup Hub.
    00:00:05 Let’s take a look at it together!
    00:00:16 Hello.
    00:00:18 Hello. I will introduce to you here, Seoul Startup Hub!
    00:00:22 Okay. I’m looking forward to it.
    00:00:25 Let’s go!
    00:00:27 Seoul Startup Hub provides a wide range of supports for entrepreneurs and those who are preparing to start a business.
    00:00:36 It aims to be a hub where entrepreneurs, startups, and stakeholders in the startup ecosystem can network, which will lead to facilitate business in Seoul.
    00:00:48 As you can see on this side,
    00:00:50 there are flags of various countries.
    00:00:52 China.
    00:00:55 India.
    00:00:57 The accelerators from each country move into the Seoul Startup Hub.
    00:01:02 We’re here to help startups that want to advance
    00:01:05 from Seoul into overseas markets, or the other way around.
    00:01:12 This is a space for Kitchen Incuvator.
    00:01:16 This place is designed to help those who are preparing to start a restaurant business.
    00:01:21 They use individual kitchens one by one,
    00:01:24 so that they’re able to make and sell foods at lunchtime.
    00:01:28 They can build up their hands-on experience,
    00:01:31 and learn how to sell their foods better from experts.
    00:01:35 This is where you can take a rest when you’re tired.
    00:01:39 As you can see, quite a lot of people are using the place.
    00:01:43 Would you like to take a break if you’re tired?
    00:01:52 So Good~
    00:01:57 Good night.
    00:01:59 When you come to Seoul Startup Hub,
    00:02:02 there’s something you have to try
    00:02:04 which is… this slide here!
    00:02:07 Should I?
    00:02:08 Oh no.
    00:02:14 One, Two, Three. Go!
    00:02:24 Thank you so much for helping me out today for all this explanation.
    00:02:28 It was a pleasure.
    00:02:29 Hope to see you soon!
    00:02:30 Okay. Bye Bye~
    00:02:30 Bye Bye!
    00:02:31 Guys, I really had a good time here today.
    00:02:33 But it’s time to say bye.
    00:02:35 So, see you guys again next time~ Bye Bye!
    00:02:42 The Seoul Startup Hub is a place that supports citizens, start-ups, and start-up related organizations so that they can gather together to freely communicate and innovatively and flexibly respond to change.
    00:02:48 In addition to space support, it also takes a role of a hub and control tower where mentoring, training and investment happen in one place.