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  • Seoul starts to operate ‘Real-time Firefighting Facility Management System’ using IoT technology

  • Economy & Investment News SMG 2334

    In December last year, Seoul completed the construction of the 「Real-time Firefighting Facility Management System」 using IoT technology for the first time in Korea, and will commence full-fledged operation from March after undergoing test operations by February.

    ‘Real-time Firefighting Facility Management System’ is a system to check the operation status of firefighting facilities installed in a building in real-time, aiming for 100% normal operation of firefighting facilities.

    Until now, it has been installed in a total of 717 designated firefighting buildings, and innovative changes are expected in the management of firefighting facilities as it can check the normal operation in just seconds by connecting to the district fire department.

    An official of the Seoul Fire and Disaster Department said, “Although the normal operation of the firefighting facility has a decisive influence on the scale of casualties, there are a limited number of buildings that can be checked by the current number of firefighters, which is why we have introduced a system to manage fire facilities on a permanent basis.”

    Meanwhile, in the comparison before and after the system construction for eight buildings located in Jongno-gu and Jung-gu for three months from December 2017, fire malfunctions have decreased from 713 cases to 478 cases (33% ↓) and breakdowns from 645 cases to 132 cases (80% ↓).

    The Seoul Fire and Disaster Department plans to objectively verify and supplement the effectiveness of the system, and expand it gradually by enacting and amending related laws and regulations.

    In the future, we will also prepare standards for major management matters for each progressing year of firefighting facilities and for the service life of each firefighting facility.