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  • Seoul Social Service Agency to be Launched in March with Appointed Board Members

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 1666

    Seoul will take direct responsibility of people’s health by opening the door of the ‘Seoul Social Service Agency’ to the citizens of Seoul. Long-term recuperation, activity support for the disabled, childcare, and other social services that were handled by private sectors will be offered firsthand by the community for fortified public concern, better service quality, and improved treatment of professionals.

    The main projects of the ‘Seoul Social Service Agency’ include ▴firsthand operation of national and public social welfare facilities, ▴installment and operation of ‘comprehensive home centers ,’ and ▴support for private service institutions.

    • Firsthand operation of national and public social welfare facilities: The agency will extend firsthand operation of newly expanded national and public facilities in Seoul. Five new national and public childcare centers will be directly operated annually. Most national and public facilities at the time are privately operated under commission.
    • Installment and operation of comprehensive home centers: The comprehensive home center is a facility that offers integrated services such as long-term recuperation, senior care, and activity support for the disabled. These will be linked to the Dolbom SOS Centers and launched at four new district facilities and gradually expand to all districts.
    • Support for private service institutions: This will offer support for professional legal, accounting, and labor consultations and improve standard service operation models, which include the stationing of replacement workers at existing private organizations and facilities.

    In January, for the official launching of the Seoul Social Service Agency, Seoul organized a board member nomination committee and publicly recruited nominees for the board. As a result, one director, six non-executive directors, and one non-executive auditor were elected.

    The founding ceremony is scheduled to be held on March 11 and will be followed by staff employment and service preparations for official start of the service in the latter half of the year.