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  • Seoul signs a partnership with six franchises and delivery service providers to replace with electric motorcycles

  • Press Releases SMG 668
    • According to the partnership, the six companies to cooperate to supply 1,050 electric-powered motorcycles for delivery by the end of 2019
    • Seoul plans to replace 100,000 two wheelers with electric motorcycles by 2025
    • Such a scheme expected to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx), a major source of fine dust pollution, by the equivalent amount emitted by 600,000 compact cars

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, April 24, 2019 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government signs a cooperative partnership with six franchises and delivery service providers on April 24 at Seoul City Hall to replace delivery engine-powered two wheelers with eco-friendly electric motorcycles in an effort to tackle fine dust in daily lives. Participating companies include McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Kyochon Chicken (franchises) and Baemin Riders, Vroong and Barogo (delivery service providers).

    Engine-equipped two wheelers are commonly used as a means of transportation for their convenient parking, low maintenance costs and easy mobility, however they emit nitrogen oxides (NOx), a major source of fine dust pollution, about six times more than compact cars. Currently, 446,000 engine-powered two-wheelers are registered in Seoul, among which 100,000 units are used for delivery in franchises and delivery companies.

    Through this partnership, the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to quickly replace the engine wheelers with electric ones in a bid to reduce air pollutants on the roads. According to the agreement, the six partnership companies will supply 1,050 electric-powered motorcycles by the end of 2019 by preferentially purchasing electric-powered two wheelers when they need to replace outdated engine wheelers or buy new ones. And the Seoul Metropolitan Government will secure a budget for the replacement and support them just in time.

    Meanwhile, the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to work with the central government, such as the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and manufacturers of motorcycles in order to create a convenient environment for the use of electric motorcycles: for instance, by improving the mileage of electric two-wheelers, increasing battery capacity and developing the standard battery model that can be charged anytime, anywhere. It also creates an environment for convenient charging system, such as battery charging station and battery-sharing system like Taiwan does.