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  • Seoul Shows Gratitude and Respect to Health Professionals Fighting Against COVID-19

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    Seoul is lighting the city in blue as a show of citizens’ gratitude and respect for the tireless commitment of health professionals and frontline workers in the battle against COVID-19. Starting on Thursday evening on April 16, public and private facility structures will be lit up blue, a color symbolizing health professionals, and display a message of gratitude and support.

    • Message: We’re All Heroes!
    • Color: Blue
    • Image: ♡ (heart)
    • Period: For a month from Thu, Apr. 16 to Fri, May 15

    The month-long campaign will be initiated by lighting Seoul’s major public buildings and structures, such as City Hall and Seoullo 7017, followed gradually by other structures, including bridges over the Hangang River (e.g. Yanghwadaegyo Bridge, Jamsilcheolgyo Railroad Bridge) and the World Cup Stadium.

    <Facilities in Seoul illuminated in blue>

    Facilities in Seoul illuminated in blue
    Seoul City Hall Seoullo 7017 Namsan Seoul Tower

    <Overseas examples of using lights>

    Overseas examples of using lights
    New York, NY, USA Pittsburgh, PA, USA Los Angeles, CA, USA
    Park Inn Hotel, Berlin, Germany UK Japan

    The campaign will include private facilities as well. Namsan Seoul Tower, one of the most iconic attractions in Seoul, will be lit up blue and Lotte World Tower in Jamsil will display a message expressing gratitude and support for health professionals and frontline workers (♡Hero♡) starting on Thursday evening on April 16.

    Additionally, starting Friday, April 24, the grass field of Seoul Plaza will deliver the visual message of gratitude– “We’re All Heroes!”–for all Seoul citizens who have voluntarily taken part in social campaigns, such as social distancing, during the COVID-19 pandemic.