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  • Seoul Shares Know-hows on COVID-19 Countermeasures through Video Conference with 45 Mayors Worldwide

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    Mayor Park Won-soon took part in the “COVID-19 Cooperative Countermeasures Video Conference” with 45 mayors of major cities around the world at the Mayor’s Office on March 27 (Fri.) at 11:15 p.m. to introduce Seoul’s quarantine experience and know-hows for preemptive action against COVID-19.

    Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles, the chair of the global networking group C40 (Cities Climate Leadership Group) that is comprised of 96 cities from around the world, reached out and urgently requested a video conference with Mayor Park Won-soon. The conference was also arranged through a request for Seoul to announce their COVID-19 quarantine and countermeasure know-hows that have been the center of attention abroad.

    The conference that was originally scheduled to last 45 minutes was extended to 70 minutes due to the heightened interest of participants. Mayor Park Won-soon meticulously introduced Seoul’s preemptive and prompt countermeasure policies, which includes the speedy diagnostic system that is part of the city’s countermeasure principle of “overreaction is better than late reaction” against the infectious disease.

    ○ Mayor Park Won-soon introduced innovative cases to improve responses to COVID-19, such as the use of drive-through and walk-through screening stations for speedy testing and minimalization of the risk of infection between medical teams and patients, as well as the operation of separate treatment facilities in accordance with the severity of patients’ conditions.

    ○ Mayor Park also stressed that the mature and democratic spirit of the citizens was the reason that this major city was able to maintain its capacity for urban function without limitations to citizen movement/travel. The prevention of risk of infection was made possible through the transparent announcement of information like confirmed patients’ paths of movement.

    During the video conference, Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles stressed the importance of sharing experiences and know-hows between cities in critical circumstances, and Mayor Giuseppe Sala of Milan shared words of encouragement with a message of what was learned through the experience of the city’s one-month lockdown measure. The mayor of Freetown, Sierra Leone referred to the circumstantial difficulty in preparing for a pandemic in an urban environment with few resources and high population density.

    Mayors of major cities around the world, including Jakarta, Indonesia; San Francisco, USA; Delhi, India; and Bogota, Colombia, shared their current states and countermeasures for the COVID-19 situation while showing great interested in Seoul’s excellent countermeasures and policies.

    The conference came to a close with Mayor Eric Garcetti’s suggestion that this conference be more than a one-time event, serving as a platform for sharing information leading to continued cooperation.