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  • Seoul Set to Build Exemplary Energy Efficient Apartment Complex

  • Integrated News SMG 1527

    Seoul will build an exemplary energy efficient apartment complex in town as a stepping stone to improving the energy efficiency of all apartment complexes across the city.

    To effectively promote its housing energy efficiency project in the field of multi-unit dwellings, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has signed an MOU with Daelim I&S for the construction of an apartment complex that is exemplary in terms of housing efficiency, banking on the company’s high-tech skills and customer service know-how.

    Based on its competitive edges in both the construction of energy-efficient apartments and the provision of customer services to its apartment residents, Daelim I&S will carry out energy efficiency analyses of designated apartment complexes, replace obsolete or under-performing facilities with high energy-efficient facilities, conduct a resident satisfaction survey, and present a report to the municipal government on the overall aspects of the establishment of an exemplary apartment complex.

    For its part, the municipal government will devise a practical model for energy-efficient multi-unit dwellings after analyzing the energy reduction effects realized at the exemplary apartment complex and the feedback from its residents.

    An official of the city government said, “We hope that the exemplary energy efficient apartment complex project will provide the necessary momentum for the municipal government’s energy efficiency improvement project, which advocates the prevention of energy leakage and the enhancement of energy efficiency, to successfully spread to all the other buildings in town.”