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  • Seoul Set to Create 56,000 Jobs for the Elderly

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 5916

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will create a total of 56,000 jobs (11.6% year-on-year increase) in 2017. It will create new jobs in three categories, i.e. public interest, market, and manpower dispatch types of jobs, in order to increase the income of elderly people and help them lead a healthier life through social activities.

    First, 41,132 public interest type jobs (accounting for 74% of the total) will be provided to basic pension beneficiaries aged 65 or older. In addition to Elderly Care for the poor elderly, this job category includes support for vulnerable social groups, public facility management, and knowledge transmission.

    Meanwhile, the number of market type jobs for elderly people aged 60 or older has been increased from 8,369 in 2016 to 11,946 (accounting for 21%) in 2017. This category of job includes parcel services (subway, apartments, etc.), joint work (shopping bag manufacturing, etc.), and food manufacturing/sales (twisted bread sticks, dumplings, etc.).

    Lastly, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide manpower dispatch type jobs to help people aged 60 or over find a job in association with private companies. A total of 2,843 short-term jobs (proctors, management of administrative affairs, etc.) will be provided this year.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is striving to eliminate dead zones in the welfare sector and create more social service jobs for the older generation.

    In particular, its demonstration project for blind people, which has been implemented for the past three months, has been highly praised by service beneficiaries (blind people) and participants (the elderly) alike. In this project, elderly citizens help blind people use the subway. So far, the scheme has assisted 548 blind people at 38 subway stations, and is now due to be extended to 1,624 people in 97 subway stations.

    In addition, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will make concerted efforts to create an extensive range of social service jobs that improve social welfare such as childcare, volunteers for the disabled, support for living facility users, multicultural family and single-parent family services, and youth guidance.