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  • Seoul: Seonjeongneung Royal Tomb

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    Seonjeongneung, in Gangnam, is home to three royal tombs. Also referred to as Seolleung, Jeongneung, and Samneung, but officially known as Seonjeongneung, this is location of the tombs of King Seongjong (the 9th king of the Joseon Dynasty), Queen Jeonghyeon (the second wife of King Seongjong) and King Jungjong (a son of the two). The tombs are situated in a beautiful park setting with a mix of grassy and wooded

    Accessible from:

    Seolleung Station, Line 2 or the Bundang Line, Exit 8

    Seoul Seonjeongneung

    Seoul Seonjeongneung2

    Seoul Seonjeongneung3

    Seoul Seonjeongneung4