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  • Seoul Selects Eight “2019 Excellent Hanoks of Seoul”

  • Culture & Tourism news SMG 1574

    Seoul conducted the 4th Seoul’s Excellent Hanok Certification System to register eight hanoks as the “2019 Excellent Hanoks of Seoul.”

    ○ The “Seoul’s Excellent Hanok Certification System” has been conducted since 2016 to create a favorable environment for hanok architecture through the inheritance of the values that are unique to Seoul’s hanoks and to contribute to the popularization of hanoks.

    The chosen “Excellent Hanoks of Seoul” were selected through a document evaluation and on-site examination by the screening committee comprised of hanok experts. Six of the chosen Excellent Hanoks of Seoul are located in Jongno-gu and two in Eunpyeong Hanok Village, all demonstrating the aspects of hanoks that have preserved the traditional appearances while also changing and developing at the same time.

    The certification mark and a note of authentication are presented to Excellent Hanoks of Seoul. The hanoks are regularly checked once a year by the hanok experts and if repairs are required, the city of Seoul directly provides the service.

    Seoul will advertise the excellent hanok architectural cases by publishing a photo collection of the eight “Excellent Hanoks of Seoul” and holding exhibitions. Also, the city will collect the information on the “hanok people” who participated in the design and construction of the hanoks to share with the citizens who want to participate in the construction or repair of hanoks.