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  • Seoul Selects an Additional 22 Oraegages in Southwestern Part

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    “Oraegage – Old & Historical Store,” meaning a “long-lived store,” is a store that is selected by citizens who want it to live a long life. Seoul has selected and promoted 65 “oraegages” over the past two years. This time, the city discovered and picked 22 “oraegages” in the southwestern region, including Gangseo-gu, Guro-gu, and Yeongdeungpo-gu.

    The Jongno-Euljiro area is home to many “oraegages” that are related to traditional handicraft and the northwestern part of the city is home to many “oraegages” that are connected to art, for example, bookstores, photo studios, and art supply stores. Unlike these regions, many of the “oraegages” selected in the southwestern region are closely related to ordinary people’s daily lives. They tend to allow visitors to take a glimpse at the endearing daily lives of Seoul’s citizens.

    To tag itself as an “oraegage,” a store must have been in operation for over three decades or operated by more than two generations. Plus, it should have an interesting aspect for tourist content and excellent customers service.

    The selection standard of “oraegage” by the city of Seoul is that the store must offer goods or something to watch from the past that can be experienced by tourists, and the same service must have been in operation for over 30 years or operated by over two generations in the fields of ▴ life & culture (supermarket, bookstore, barbershop, etc.) and ▴ traditional handicraft (lacquerware shop, brassware shop, other workshops, etc.). Stores that have something to attract visitors’ interest, interesting stories, and unique properties can also be recommended as an “oraegage.”

    Seoul has conducted several rounds of verification for discovery of “oraegages” in 2019. First, the city collected basic data on 1,152 stores and checked to see whether they had closed their businesses, in order to select the stores that match the criteria of an “oraegage.” Through recommendations by citizens and by autonomous districts, as well as an on-site evaluations by citizens’ storytelling group and experts, 38 candidates were chosen. Out of these candidates, 22 stores were finally selected as “oraegage” through a second round of on-site investigations and consultations by experts.

    Seoul Selects an Additional 22 Oraegages in Southwestern Part
    No. Store District Year of Opening Category
    1 Gonghang Kalguksu Gangseo-gu 1979 Restaurant
    2 Deungchondong Choewolseon Kalgugsu Gangseo-gu 1983 Restaurant
    3 Jaseongdang Pharmacy Gangseo-gu 1969 Pharmacy
    4 Bookstore Gnal
    (Geunari Omyeon)
    Gwanak-gu 1988  Bookstore
    5 Mirim Snack Gwanak-gu 1988 Snack Bar
    6 Figaro Gwanak-gu 1987 Pub
    7 Hyeseong Beauty Salon Guro-gu 1979 Beauty Salon
    8 Geumbok Store Geumcheon-gu 1978  Sewing material store
    9 Pyeongtaek Rice Store Geumcheon-gu 1988 Processed food store
    10 Seolhwa Hardware Store Dongjak-gu 1980 Hardware Store
    11 Teobangnae Dongjak-gu 1983 Cafe
    12 Man-to-Man Tailor Yeongdeungpo-gu 1983 Tailor
    13 Midopa Flower Shop Yeongdeungpo-gu 1978 Flower Shop
    14 Samu Chicken Center Yeongdeungpo-gu 1977 Pub
    15 Sangjin Cafe Yeongdeungpo-gu 1970s Cafe
    16 Sinheung Store Yeongdeungpo-gu 1975 Variety Store
    17 Ssangma Studio Yeongdeungpo-gu 1986 Photo Studio
    18 Seoul Studio Gangbuk-gu 1973 Photo Studio
    19 Hwanghae Barbershop Gangbuk-gu 1970 Barbershop
    20 Daeseong Mounter Yongsan-gu 1971 Mounter
    21 Hapdeok Supermarket Yongsan-gu 1971 Variety store
    22 Geoan Jongno-gu 1981 Workshop

    Photos of “Oraegages”

    Photos of “Oraegages”
    Man-to-Man Tailor
    Pyeongtaek Rice Store
    Hyeseong Beauty Salon
    Ssangma Studio
    Sangjin Cafe
    Samu Chicken Center
    Mirim Snack
    Bookstore Gnal
    (Geunari Omyeon)