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  • Seoul Selects 42 Good Designs to Improve Urban Landscape

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    The city of Seoul has selected 42 safe and excellent public facilities, including benches and fences, that improve the urban landscape, as items qualified for the 23rd Seoul Good Public Design. The selected items will be allowed to use the certification mark and be provided with promotion support.

    The plan for the 23rd Seoul Good Public Design selection was announced in July 2019 and 106 items were submitted on the website for which document screening, examination, and on-site investigations were conducted. In the end, 42 items were selected.

    42 Good Designs Items
    Items Benches Pedestrian Railings Bike Lane Fences Bridge Railings Bollard Manholes Park Lamp Security Lights Ground Equipment
    42 5 18 4 4 1 2 2 3 3

    The certified items will receive promotion support by Seoul and the right to use the certification mark over the next two years. The certificate will be bestowed to selected companies starting on November 27 (Wed.). Over the past 11 years, up until the 23rd Seoul Good Public Design, a total of 1,188 items have been certified as Seoul Good Public Design. From the first half of 2020, a total of 176 items of which the certification period is valid will be actively utilized in Seoul’s public projects that will be conducted to make Seoul a pedestrian-centered safe city.

    Additionally, the 2019 Seoul Design Open Clinic will take place on November 22 (Fri.). The event will be the venue of conversation with public facilities manufacturers, where the discussion will be centered on the current state of the Seoul Good Public Design certification system and the Seoul Design Clinic program, as well as the development strategies. Anyone who is interested can participate in the event. For more information, visit the website of Seoul Good Public Design (http://sgpd.seoul.go.kr).