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  • Seoul Selects 13 Life-enhancing SOC Projects

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    As Seoul pursues the “10-minute Neighborhood Life-enhancing SOC Project” through which convenience facilities located within a ten-minute walk of old low-rise houses will be expanded, the city has decided on a final list of which life-enhancing SOC facilities will be established in 13 model autonomous districts as the first step of the project.

    The “10-minute Neighborhood SOC Life-enhancing Project” is an urban restoration project targeting each neighborhood to provide life-enhancing facilities closely related to the lives of ordinary citizens, such as small libraries, daycare centers, seniors welfare centers, welfare centers for adolescents/children, culture and sports centers, parks, and parking lots, that are located within a five- to ten-minute walk (250-500 m) of old low-rise housing structures. The city of Seoul has plans to supply over 180 facilities throughout the city by 2022.

    Seoul city aims to supply life-enhancing facilities that can be well used by the residents of old low-rise residential areas that have relatively poorer life-enhancing facilities compared to large apartment complexes. In addition, the city has goals of creating livable residential areas, ameliorating old houses, and providing high-quality, low-cost residential structures by building such facilities.

    The 13 facilities that will be established in each autonomous district are ▴ three parking lots (Yongsan-gu, Yangcheon-gu, Gangseo-gu), ▴ three small libraries (Gwangjin-gu, Jungnang-gu, Yeongdeungpo-gu), ▴ four culture and sports centers (Gangbuk-gu, Jongno-gu, Guro-gu, Gangdong-gu), ▴ two adolescents & children welfare centers (Gwanak-gu, Seongbuk-gu), and ▴ one daycare center (Eunpyeong-gu).

    < 2019 10-minute Neighborhood Life-enhancing SOC Project >

    SOC Projects
    Autonomous Districts Project Title SOC Facility Project Purpose
    Type Facility in Detail
    Gwanak-gu Project to Build a Culture Center for Adolescents/Children near Nanhyang Elementary School Care Educational & cultural space for adolescents/children After building the culture center, a culture experience program for adolescents will be operated together with Nanhyang Elementary School.
    Yongsan-gu Expansion of the Public Parking Lot at Yeongsan 3-ga dong Transportation Public parking lot, public facility for residents The project is expected to relieve local parking problems and enhance the traffic environment, as well as to offer a rest area for residents to escape from heat waves or cold waves.
    Gwangjin-gu Project to Create Jayang-dong Small Library, a Composite Facility Education, care Small library, care, etc. The residents of the area are experiencing inconveniences due to the lack of educational facilities despite the existence of two elementary schools nearby.
    Jungnang-gu Construction of a Small Library in Muk 2-dong, Jungnang-gu Education Library The residents are anticipating the construction of a library, as they have experienced inconveniences while having to use libraries of other regions due to a lack of their own.
    Seongbuk-gu Project to Build a Culture & Art Facility for Adolescents in Seokgwan-dong Education Music classes for adolescents, reading rooms, study rooms, etc. A region constantly in need of culture & art facilities for adolescents
    Gangbuk-gu Construction of a Small Multipurpose Theater in Gangbuk-gu Culture Small theater The project is expected to address the imbalance of opportunities to participate in cultural activities and enhance life culture.
    Eunpyeong-gu Comprehensive Life-enhancing Facility in Suri Village Care Infant care room, small library, public facility for residents The project is expected to include all facilities required by residents to enhance the local life environment.
    Yangcheon-gu Parking Lot Built on Unused Land & Small Composite Library Transportation Parking lot The project is expected to address parking problems and furnish a library that the autonomous district currently lacks in an area with severe parking problems due to the densely built multiplex houses.
    Gangseo-gu Building a Planar Parking Lot Transportation Small-scale  parking lot The project is expected is expected to relieve parking problems and improve the traffic environment in an area where the alleys are being used as parking space.
    Guro-gu Project to Build a Sports Facility Sports Space for communication among residents, park The project is expected to secure pedestrian safety and expand public facilities for residents in an area where accidents between cars and pedestrians frequently take place due to the narrow sidewalks.
    Yeongdeungpo-gu Construction of a Village Library Education Library, program room, community space, etc. There are no cultural facilities, such as libraries, as the area is isolated like an island by Nodeul-ro Road and a railway. Through the project of building a village library, the welfare of residents of Bamdongsan area is expected to improve as they will have better access to knowledge and culture, as well as an expanded space for communication.
    Jongno-gu Construction of a Badminton Court Sports Indoor sports center The area has no sports facilities that are easily accessible and the demand for sports facilities of the residents is gradually increasing. The project is expected to enhance the healthy lives of residents.
    Gangdong-gu Construction of a Community Service Center in Myeongil 1-dong Multi Daycare center, sports center, small library, residential parking lot The functional expansion and diversification of public services according to the location of population influx facilities, including Myeongil Traditional Market, is seriously needed in this area. The district has plans to build a public office, happy house, and public facilities for residents at the same time by comprehensively remodeling a lesser-used, old public building.

    The 13 projects will be conducted starting in August 2019 and are expected to be completed as early as 2020. The whole budget will be supported by the city of Seoul and implementation is up to each autonomous district. Seoul will provide as much as KRW 2 billion per facility, and a total of KRW 26 billion for all of the projects.

    Furthermore, Seoul will establish “Three-year Plan for the 10-minute Life-enhancing SOC Project,” a long-term project to provide life-enhancing SOC facilities, by the end of the year. Through the analysis and diagnosis of the current state of life-enhancing facilities in the 25 autonomous districts, tailored ways of provision for each low-rise residential area will be prepared. Starting from next year, the life-enhancing SOC project will be expanded to ameliorate the quality of life in low-rise residential areas and to promote balanced regional development.