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  • Seoul Selected as the “Best International Business Meeting Destination” for 3 Consecutive Years

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    The US edition of Business Traveler named Seoul as the Best International Business Meeting Destination for the third consecutive year in the 2014 Best in Business Travel Award.

    The Best in Business Travel Awards is a prominent award in the MICE and tourism industries. Since 1988, the awards have been given to the best convention, airlines, hotels, airports, and freights and transportation companies across 60 categories. The host of the awards is Business Traveler, a global magazine devoted to providing information for business travelers, such as airlines, hotels, cities, and lifestyle. Since its first publication in the UK, in 1976, the magazine has been published every month or every two months in 10 regions, including the UK, US, Germany, and China. It is an outstanding magazine for travelers, with 185,000 copies published every month in the US alone.

    The “Best International Business Meeting Destination Award” was created in 2008, and in the beginning, American convention cities, including Dallas, Honolulu, and Las Vegas, have monopolized the award until 2012, when Seoul received the award for the first time. Since then Seoul has received the award for three consecutive years, winning recognition as one of the leading convention cities. Indeed, this is even more significant considering that 185,000 readers have voted on it.

    “To receive one of these awards is to be recognized among the elite in our industry by your most demanding customer, the frequent business traveler,” said Dan Booth, editorial director at Business Traveler. “That’s what makes the Best in Business Travel Awards so meaningful. Our readers, your customers, these travelers, are the ones evaluating – and voting on – every aspect of every trip.” He added, “The awardees have the know-how and the capability to gracefully and successfully host your event through abundant experiences, outstanding technology, and a variety of entertainment.”

    Seoul was successful in raising the level of its international recognition as a global host city for MICE and also in attracting a number of authoritative and large-scale MICE events in different areas. In a report published by UIA, Seoul rose a notch as the fourth best convention city in the world, after being ranked fifth in the same category for three consecutive years from 2010 to 2012. The Seoul Metropolitan Government also was selected to host the 2018 Congress of the Society of International Urology and the 10th World Congress of Constitutional Law in 2018.た。

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will continue to support various policies to nurture the tourism and MICE industries. The city government will ① support the invitation and the opening of MICE events (provide funding by phase, letters promising support, and proposals to host events, correct proposal presentations, and touring support for the organizers), ② select a major MICE with the most growth potential in the future that can be held continuously in Seoul and provide support for the next three years, ③ reinforce overseas marketing activities and enhance hospitability for business travelers, ④ operate the Seoul Information Hall and hold traditional culture experience programs, and ⑤ develop tailored Seoul tourism programs accompanied by premium professional tour guides.

    Overview of Business Traveler Awards

    • Organizer: Business Traveler US
    • Official Name: 26th Annual 2014 “Best in Business Travel” Awards
      ※ Began in 1988, when the first issue of BTUS was published.
    • Awardees
      • -Awardees are selected in each of the 60 categories related to travel agencies and travel companies.
    • ※ Awards Received by Korea in 2014 (Total 47 companies, 66 categories 中)
      • – Best International Meeting Destination: Seoul
      • – Best Airline in Asia: Korean Air.
      • – Best Overall In-flight Experience in the World/ Best Overall Customer Service: Asiana Airlines.
      • – Airport with Best Duty Free Shopping: Incheon International Airport.