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  • Seoul Selected as Host City to Joint Bid the ‘2032 Summer Olympics’ with North Korea

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    Seoul passed the first obstacle to becoming one of the hosts of the 2032 Summer Olympics. It will be 44 years in 2032 since Korea’s hosting of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. According to the voting results of the General Meeting of Korean Sport & Olympic Committee Representatives held at Korea National Training Center on Feb. 11 (Mon), ‘Seoul’ was ultimately selected as the host city in Korea for the 「35th Summer Olympics in 2032」.

    Preceding the voting, Mayor of Seoul Park Won-soon gave a 15-minute presentation in which he expressed the appropriateness of why Seoul should be the host city of the 2032 Olympics and Seoul’s measures of attraction. He expressed the historicity and symbolism of Seoul as a representative city of the Korean peninsula for 625 years, stable preparations in the competition and financial capabilities to host the Games, a ready infrastructure and global urban competitiveness, and items of preparation for joint hosting by South Korea and North Korea.

    With the start of its selection as the domestic host city, Seoul will accelerate preparations to be selected as the final host city for the 35th Summer Olympics in 2032.

    To increase its competitiveness against other candidate cities, Seoul plans to establish an efficient attraction strategy that corresponds with the ‘Olympic Agenda 2020’ presented by the IOC. The ‘Olympic Agenda 2020’ is IOC’s vision of utilizing existing facilities rather than building new stadiums to aim for an economical Olympics.

    Seoul will also step forward to introduce its experience and charms as an international sports city. Seoul will actively support the 「25th Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) General Assembly」 to underscore the city’s capacity and know-how in hosting large international events on IOC members and the Executive Board of the National Olympic Committee (NOC).

    Seoul will officially promote the ‘joint hosting of 2032 Olympics by South Korea and North Korea’ which was mutually agreed upon at last year’s Inter-Korean summit. Seoul anticipates that it will gain momentum in discussions in relation to preparation on various aspects for exchange with Pyongyang in the areas of society and culture, economic development, and urban infrastructure, following its announcement of 「Seoul-Pyongyang Comprehensive City Cooperation Plan」 in 2016.

    As the Olympics is a national event requiring national support and participation, Seoul will organize a preparatory committee based on voluntary participation of citizens and athletes to heighten the excitement of the Olympics in addition to supporting various activities such as debates and conferences and foster the expansion of sympathy.

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