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  • Seoul Selected As “Best International Meeting Destination”

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    Business Traveler awards 2020

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and the Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) announced that Seoul was selected as the Best International Meeting Destination by the Business Traveler Awards 2020.

    The Business Traveler Awards is a prestigious award in the MICE and business tourism sector that has been given to top locations in 53 fields, such as hotels, airports, and hotels, by the luxurious business travelers’ magazine Business Traveler since 1988.

    The winning destination was selected through an online vote that was held from July to August for the 200,000 subscribers of Business Traveler.

    ※ Business Traveler: First published in England in 1976, Business Traveler is a luxurious business travelers’ magazine of the Americas and Europe with approximately 200,000 subscribers that offers information about airlines, hotels, cities, and lifestyle for business travelers. (31% of subscribers take a minimum of one business trip each year.)

    This year’s award will mark the SMG’s seventh win following its selection as the Best International Meeting Destination for six years running from 2012 to 2017. No destination was selected in 2018 and 2019, and not only did the SMG fix itself as a representative MICE city, but the city continued to remain the center of attention throughout the globe.

    In July, the SMG was also selected the 3rd International Meeting Destination for five consecutive years (2015–2019) by the International Meetings Statistics Report issued annually by the Union of International Association (UIA). In November, Seoul was awarded the ICCA BEST Marketing Award, which is also known as the Oscars of international meetings.