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  • Seoul Selected as 100 Resilient Cities in the World

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    100 major cities including London, Paris, Montreal and New York were selected as 100 Resilient Cities as part of the Rockefeller Foundation’s special project celebrating the organization’s 100th Anniversary. Seoul was also included in the 100RC in May 2016 after beating out 8 competitors.

    100RC seeks to come up with solutions to disasters by identifying their cause within the social context rather than analyzing the disaster as a separate phenomenon. To accomplish this, it enhances the disaster recovery capability of member cities by providing them with the hiring cost for the Chief Resilience Officer (CRO), professional consulting and relevant software.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government expects to receive support in the areas of risk management techniques required for the establishment and execution of the Disaster Recovery Enhancement Plan, as well as big data utilization and analysis techniques from 100RC’s nonprofit partners Palantir, EPA, Microsoft, and THE WORLD BANK.