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  • Seoul Seeks to Expand Cities’ Role at Korea International Renewable Energy Conference Seoul 2019

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    KIREC SEOUL 2019

    Seoul will be hosting the Korea International Renewable Energy Conference Seoul 2019, the largest private-sector renewable energy conference in the world, together with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and REN21, an international nonprofit organization. The event will take place on October 23 (Wed.) – 25 (Fri.), 2019 at COEX.

    IREC (International Renewable Energy Conference) is an international conference aiming to promote the sharing of renewable energy policies between countries and cities so that they can create common collaborative plans. Celebrating its 8th anniversary, the event is co-organized by the government of the host country and REN21 biennially.

    The slogan of the conference is “Renewable Energy, Energizing Our Future.” More than 3,000 individuals from 63 countries, including ministers and vice-ministers from over 20 countries, mayors of 22 cities, presidents of five international organizations, CEOs of global companies, and experts, will all participate in the conference.

    What characterizes this year’s conference is that it is co-organized by the central and local governments for the first time in the conference’s history. Seoul has plans to make the conference an arena for a comprehensive discussion on “the expansion of the roles of cities” for change towards renewable energies.

    The “city” track, one of the major tracks of the conference, will be operated by the city of Seoul. Here, experts from the global community discuss urban strategies for change towards renewable energies.

    Seoul will also hold the biennial event, Seoul Mayors Forum on Climate Change 2019, during the conference in order to share the energy strategies of global cities whose mayors will be participating in the conference.

    If previous conferences mainly dealt with energy transformation on a national scale, Seoul is anticipating that this conference will arrive at new strategies as it covers diverse strategies by local governments.

    More information on the Korea International Renewable Energy Conference Seoul 2019 is available on the website (http://kirec2019.kr). Citizens who want to participate in the event can participate through on-site registration (those who registered in advance should receive a name tag before entering the venue).

    Mayor Park Won-soon said, “The most urgent and significant task we must complete in order to hand down a clean environment to the future generation is the change towards renewable energies… We hope the conference will be a venue for discussions that are deeper than those of previous conferences, where the global community can share their efforts for energy transformation.”

    Title: Korea International Renewable Energy Conference Seoul 2019
    * Korea International Renewable Energy Conference Seoul 2019

    < Overview of International Renewable Energy Conference >

    ㅇ Organizer: REN21 (Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century: UNEP, supported by the German government), Korean government
    – (’04) Germany, (’05) China, (’08) United States, (’10) India, (’13) UAE, (’15) South Africa, (’17) Mexico
    ㅇ Purpose: Sharing information for the supply of renewable energies, a collaboration between governments for the development of policies
    ㅇ Major Events: High-level discussions, exhibitions, industrial inspections, etc.

    Date & Venue:October 23 (Wed.) – 25 (Fri.), 2019, COEX and a nearby hotel
    * October 22 (Tue.): Additional events; October 25 (Fri.) afternoon – October 26 (Sat.): Site tour

    Organizer:Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the city of Seoul, REN21
    * Supervisor: Korea Energy Agency / Cooperation: KNREA, Seoul Energy, GGGI

    Number of participants: About 3,000 (1,000 from 63 countries, 2,000 from domestic regions in Korea)