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  • Seoul seeks to recruit foreign students to participate in global internship program

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    Until December 2, Seoul Metropolitan Government will be accepting applications from foreign students studying in Korea to participate in the 17th Seoul Global Internship program, for which a total of 30 students will be selected.

    Launched in 2008, the Seoul Global Internship program is the first of its kind conducted by a Korean government agency. It offers foreign students the opportunity to participate in city affairs during the summer and winter school vacations, and has become a tremendously popular internship program, featuring fierce competition among applicants. So far, a total of 472 foreign students in Korea from 68 countries have successfully completed their internships during the 16 times that this program has been conducted.

    The duration of the upcoming 17th internship is seven weeks (January 4 ~ February 23, 2016), and applicants must be foreign students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at a university in Seoul. Only those whose visas in Korea are valid until at least February 23, 2016, may apply.

    Selected applicants will be announced on December 24 (Thu) after two rounds of screening (application and interview). Further inquiries about the application process may be directed to the Multiculturalism Division (02-2133-5076).

    The selected interns will be dispatched to individual departments at Seoul City Hall, affiliated offices, and corporations, where they will be assigned to a wide range of tasks. In addition to their regular internship responsibilities, global interns will participate in community service activities (e.g. assisting at welfare facilities for the mentally disabled) and field trips to major policy organizations in Seoul.

    17th Seoul Global Internship: Application Guidelines

    Internship Outline

    ❍ Duration of internship: January 4 (Mon) ~ February 23 (Tue), 2016 (total of 7 weeks)
    ❍ Number of interns to be selected: 30
    ❍ Qualifications

    • – Foreign students currently enrolled at a university or graduate school in Seoul
    • – Those who can legally remain in Korea until February 23, 2016

    ❍ Working hours: 5 days a week (Mon~Fri), 6 hours a day (09:00~16:00)
    ❍ Per diem (to cover meal and transportation costs): KRW 37,200
    ❍ Schedule: Orientation (Jan. 4), field trip to City Hall (Jan. 15), community service (Jan. 29), certificate awarding ceremony (Feb. 23)
    ※ Schedule may be subject to change.

    Application procedure and how to apply

    ❍ Application period: November 23 (Mon) ~ December 2 (Wed), 18:00, 2015
    ※ Only submissions that arrive by the above deadline will be accepted.
    ❍ Required documents (1 copy each): Application Form 1, Application Form 2, proof of enrollment, academic transcript, TOPIK score (optional)
    ❍ Submission format: Files in HWP, DOC, XLS, and/or JPG format via email
    ❍ Where to submit: global_intern@seoul.go.kr

    Selection procedure

    ❍ Round 1: Application screening

    • – Selection standards: comprehensive evaluation of various factors, including TOPIK score, specific requirements of the department in question (e.g. major, language proficiency), nationality ratio, etc.
    • – Number of selected applicants: three times the number of applicants to be admitted
    • – Notification of Round 1 results: December 10 (Thu), 2015, 18:00 (applicants will be informed on an individual basis via email and text message)

    ❍ Round 2: Interview screening

    • – Interview period: December 14 (Mon) ~ 18 (Fri), 2015
    • – Screening method: individual interviews (will be conducted in person at the recruiting department)

    ❍ Announcement of final results: December 24 (Thu), 2015, 18:00 (tentative)

    ※ Selected applicants will be informed individually of their selection via text message and email. Departments that do not receive applications from any suitably qualified candidates may forego selecting an intern. Further inquiries may be directed to the Multiculturalism Division (02-2133-5076).

    Application Form