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  • Seoul runs “Seoul Week” to capture Parisians and New Yorkers

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    • “Seoul Week” is being held in Paris and New York to promote Seoul tourism with Korean food, “Oregage,” the stores that have endured more than 30 years in Seoul, and “City Walking Tour”
    • First of all, the “Walk in SEOUL-PARIS” campaign was staged with French brand Bensimon from November 14 to 17
    • “SWEET SEOUL” is operated to promotes Korean traditional dessert for the first time in Europe with the France Tourism Development Agency, and Galeries Lafayette from November 15 to 17
    • The dessert pop-up “SWEET SEOUL” is scheduled to be held for two days from November 20 to 21 in Jungsik in New York

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, November 18, 2019 — “Seoul Week” is being held in Paris, France, and New York City, the United States, to promote Korean food culture for a week from November 14 to 21, through which the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to promote sustainable tourism content of Seoul in cooperation with cities and corporations overseas.

    First of all, the Seoul Metropolitan Government staged the “Walk in SEOUL-PARIS” campaign with French brand Bensimon from November 14 to 17. As the signature item of Bensimon, a 40-year-old lifestyle brand, is shoes, the campaign was launched in collaboration with “Oregage,” the stores that have opened more than 30 years in Seoul, and “Seoul City Walking Tour.” Specifically, the event for “SEOUL-PARIS Week” was held in the fashion and opera districts in Le Marais, Paris and in Bensimon store located in Garosu-gil, Shinsa-dong, Seoul to promote each city as an attractive destination of walking tour.

    It also publishes a leaflet that contains recommended sites for walking tour and various tips to enjoy Seoul tour including how to make reservations. On November 15, people participated in the events and experienced Korean traditional handcraft arts such as seal-engraving in Korean at Myeongsindang Pilbang and Korean traditional knots in Donglim Knot Workshop.

    “SWEET SEOUL” to promote Korean traditional dessert for the first time in Europe has been hosted in Galeries Lafayette, the largest department stores in Paris for three days from November 15. It was hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Atout France (the France Tourism Development Agency), and Galeries Lafayette.

    Many participants including Deputy Mayor Jean-François Martins of Paris, CEO Caroline Leboucher of Atout France, and the CEO of Galeries Lafayette attended the reception event on November 15 and promoted the charms and savors of Korean food to the media and influencers.

    In “SWEET SEOUL” held from November 16 to 17, five Korean dessert chefs displayed and explained different dessert menu and communicated with Parisians through a free-sampling event.

    Moving on to New York, the Korean dessert pop-up “SWEET SEOUL” is scheduled to be held for two days from November 20 to 21 in Jungsik in Manhattan, NYC. Jungsik is a Michelin 2-star Korean restaurant, and the Owner Chef Yim Jung-sik infused his creativity and modern technology into Korean traditional cuisine and dessert.

    Besides Korean dessert, various events including traditional handcrafted tables, a Seoul tourism photo exhibition, and performances are prepared.

    Also, performances including the one between Classical Singer Kim Hong-gyeong and Russian soprano Olga Makarina are prepared for over 40 participants of the local media, chefs, and influencers at the reception on November 21.

    Since the Korean Wave prevails mainly among the young generation with K-pop at the center, the Seoul Metropolitan Government aims to showcase Korean dessert to a larger target so that anyone can easily enjoy it. Korean dessert that is made of a variety of fresh grains and seasonal fruits is not only healthy but also quite low in sugar content. It is expected to capture the tastes of those who prefer a healthy gluten-free diet and sustainable food and even vegetarians and to attract the attention of the gourmets around the world. The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to foster Korean dessert as new and sustainable Seoul tourism content.