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  • Seoul runs ‘car-free week’ through Sunday

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    Now it’s time for our ‘Life and Info’ segment, where we take a look at some useful information for your daily life.
    And we are going to start with a new program that many people hope will be a great success.
    Seoul is running a ‘car-free week’ through this Sunday.
    The South Korean capital hopes to reduce air pollution from cars, cut greenhouse gas emissions and encourage more people to use public transportation.
    Designating Sunday as ‘Seoul Car-Free Day’, the city will block off Sejong-daero street from Gwanghwamun to Seoul Plaza and hold an eco-friendly event there as well.
    Starting in the late 90s in Europe, now some 2,000 cities in 47 countries hold their own car-free days.

    Reporter : hwkan@arirang.com