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  • Seoul runs a global campaign of Seoul Tourism with BTS

  • Press Releases SMG 2098
    • Seoul created 7 ads titled “My Seoul Playlist” featuring Seoul’s appeal
    • The Seoul’s ads have 7 different topics including Delicious, Relaxing, Extreme, Historic, K-Wave, Fashionable, and Exclusive
    • BTS members are featured in the ads and introduced each theme with the landscape of Seoul. The ad will be first uploaded on the official YouTube account on 22nd and released worldwide
    • Seoul will hold an online event where foreigners can create the ‘Seoul Playlist’ in Seoul’s tourism web page from Oct 22nd to Nov 11th

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, October 22nd, 2018 — The Seoul city government created 7 ads to introduce Seoul’s charm and tourism content. The ad features BTS, who swept the Billboard US, gave a speech at the UN General Assembly with world class figures, and became the second-to-none world star. The ads will be open from 22nd (Mon) and run worldwide through television, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

    The slogan message of the 7 ads is “Live Seoul like I do”. The concept is “My Seoul Playlist” where the BTS introduces Seoul’s appeal and charm. The 7 ads have 7 different themes including food, rest, sightseeing, entertainment, amusement, shopping, and experience.

    ▴ Delicious Seoul: With the background of Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market in Yeouido, Jungkook introduces Seoul’s variety of tastes by enjoying street food at a food truck, ribs on a standing table at a unique restaurant, and a sweet ice dessert.
    ▴ Relaxing Seoul: Jimin shows people enjoying a relaxing moment with a leisurely walk along the Seoul Forest Wall and a Kayak in the Han River.
    ▴ Extreme Seoul: RM shows the dynamics of Seoul through a magnificent scenery following rock climbing in Bukhansan Mountain, a view of people enjoying a concert with sprayed water at Water Night Music Festival and street cheering.
    ▴ Historic Seoul: Jin introduces the activities showing Seoul’s history through martial arts performance in Namsan Beacon Fire Station, museum tour and pottery-making class.
    ▴ K-Wave Seoul: J-Hope introduces the Korean Wave culture through a scene of K-dance learning, people freely dancing on K-Star Road, and a shopping mall selling small and cute stuff.
    ▴ Fashionable Seoul: Suga recommends experiencing the street fashion and culture with a vibe of freedom and K-Beauty.
    ▴ Exclusive Seoul: V introduces a luxurious Hanbok experience and a private Korean dining stimulating all five senses.

    With the aim of “50 million tourists in Seoul by 2023,” Seoul explains the background and purpose of this campaign project. It is to actively promote Seoul that can satisfy the diverse needs of tourists by running the ads worldwide featuring BTS introducing the various tourist contents that visitors can experience in Seoul.

    The ad video will be open first in Seoul city’s official Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/visitseoul). Each episode will be open at 10am on 22nd (Mon) meanwhile the entire version will be released at 10am on 29th (Mon).

    After the first release, the ads will run on television channels until the end of this year including KBS World being aired in 117 countries and tvN Asia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesian broadcasters aired in 9 million households in 9 South East Asian countries. The ads will also be aired via social media including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram in China, Japan, Taiwan, and Malaysia. tvN Asia is CJ ENM’s global channel aired in 9 million households in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Myanmar and Cambodia.

    In addition, Seoul will upload wallpaper images of BTS (1 type for PC and 2 types for mobile version) on Seoul city’s official tourism information website (http://www.visitseoul.net) on 22nd (Mon). Anyone can download them free of charge.

    Meanwhile, the Seoul city government will hold <#myseoulplaylist Online Event> from Oct 22nd (Mon) to November 11th (Sun) on Seoul city’s official tourism information webpage (http://www.visitseoul.net). In this event, non-Korean residents in Korea can create their own “Seoul Playlist.”

    The event participants can create “my own Seoul playlist” by choosing among 21 video clips featuring BTS’ introduction of Seoul tourism on the website or combining 4 photos and video clips that can give some useful tips about travel in Seoul. They share their playlist through the social media with a hashtag followed by myseoulplaylist (#myseoulplaylist). Seoul will choose 123 persons In a random drawing after the event is finished. The winners will receive graded benefits such as Seoul hotel voucher, Discover Seoul Pass, and online gift certificate.