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  • Seoul Reveals Spring Dream Board Message of Warm Comfort

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    In light of the new season, the Seoul Metropolitan Library’s outer wall, the Seoul Dream Board, changed into its spring uniform. Through Seoul’s Spring Dream Board Message Contest that was open for 15 days from February 1 to 15, the winning message of ‘Even the nameless days turn into spring / Even the nameless flowers are fragrant’ by Ha Jeong-yoon (age 28) and Hong Jong-chan (age 25) was selected. The message will be introduced to citizens on their way to work on Tuesday morning on March 12.

    The Dream Wall selected for spring 2019 is special. The winning message is a combination of winning works by two participants selected by the Message Selection Committee. The two similar messages were submitted separately but naturally came together in an antithesis as a single message. When put together, the message maximized the warm comfort and energy of spring at last.

    Setting the theme of spring message contest as ‘Words that deliver warm comfort and beautiful hope in light of spring,’ Seoul selected winning works by six individuals from among 901 submissions.

    Selected works to be displayed will go through an image process for a suitable image and will be revealed to citizens for the first time on Tuesday morning of March 12, to be displayed at the library entrance in front of Seoul Plaza until the end of May.

    The Dream Board operated by Seoul conveys messages of warm comfort and hope to citizens going through busy and tough everyday life. In order to share messages that ring true with the lives of citizens, creative messages of less than 30 characters have been selected through contests and displayed on the large board installed on the front wall of Seoul Metropolitan Library since June 2013.

    Seoul plans to open the 2019 Summer Seoul Dream Board Message Contest in May.