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  • Seoul to Reveal C-47, the Aircraft Used by Independence Fighters, at Yeouido Park on August 18

  • SMG 3530


    Do you know what happened at Yeouido Airport on August 18, 1945? To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Korea’s liberation from Japanese rule, Seoul will put a C-47 aircraft on display at Yeouido Park. The airplane is same model as the one that independence fighters, including Kim Koo, Chang Chun-ha, and Yun Gyeong-bin, took from Shanghai on their return to Korea, landing at Yeouido Airport.

    It was also this model of aircraft that 15 members of the Shanghai Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea took on their return trip to Korea on November 23, 1945. This is the first transport aircraft that the Korean Air Force owned. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will showcase the plane on the runway in Yeouido for the first time in 70 years ago, and an exhibition titled “Flight Over 70 Years” will be held to preserve the records of the display.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government stated that displaying and allowing people to board the C-47 transport aircraft is a way of experiencing the time of the vibrant Provisional Government and the Liberation Army on the 70th anniversary of Korea’s liberation. The government further explained, “The Provisional Government and Liberation Army that we have been waiting for these past 70 years has finally come today.” The C-47 transport aircraft was not only used by the independence fighters to return to Korea, but was also used as a presidential plane in 1950.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government installed a screen inside the aircraft to make the audience feel as if they are flying from Shanghai to Seoul. In addition, a space will be set up to provide people additional historical knowledge surrounding the C-47 aircraft. The aircraft will be on display for three years until 2018.