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  • Seoul to Resolve Civil Complaints through Personalized One-on-One Service

  • SMG 2653

    Seoul Metropolitan Government’s civil complaint filing service has evolved once again, transitioning from the 120 Dasan Call Center (2007), which resolves complaints and answers questions through just one phone call, to the Ten Commandments of Civil Complaints Service and Eungdapso (2014), the first integrated online complaint and suggestion filing system established in Korea.

    The three key points of the new civil complaint filing service include:
    ① strengthened personalized one-on-one service through “complaint filing assistants” and 120 counseling coordinators;
    ② prevention and prompt handling of civil complaints through the use of digital technology; and
    ③ support for and protection of citizens’ rights against any discontentment or disadvantages that could be caused by the handling of their complaints through systems such as the civil complaints compensation system.

    First, eight experienced “complaint filing assistants” will be assigned to provide counseling and guide citizens through the entire complaint filing process, including preparing related documents, filing difficult and complicated civil complaints, examining the complaint filing process, and filing appeals. Also, it will be possible for people with disabilities and the elderly to apply for help online via the Eungdapso website or by phone, and the whole process, from filing the complaint to providing the result, will be supported by assistants, eliminating the need for citizens to go to City Hall to file their civil complaints.

    Some of the personnel from the 120 Dasan Call Center will be given the position of “120 Counseling Coordinator” and tasked with thoroughly settling complaints by providing valuable administrative services, including consultations with lawyers and tax accountants, as well as through their connections with the central government and other organizations. Furthermore, the service will make the handling of civil complaints easier and quicker. Specifically, the 120 Dasan Call Center’s consultation data will be made public, allowing people to quickly search for information online. Also, automated answers to FAQs will reduce the complaint-handling time to less than two days.

    With its announcement of “Seoul’s Innovative Measures for the Civil Complaint Filing System,” which consists of three key areas and ten specific projects, Seoul Metropolitan Government hopes to create an environment where citizens can easily file complaints and rely on the government to resolve their issues.