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  • Seoul Residents Choose ”Parking” as No. 1 Anticipated Item of Sharing City Project “Ttareungi” Most Popular Policy

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  • Seoul Residents Choose ”Parking” as No. 1 Anticipated Item of Sharing City Project “Ttareungi” Most Popular Policy

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    Seoul conducted the 2018 Sharing City Policy Awareness Survey over the course of six days from December 6-11, 2018, targeting 1,000 Seoul residents over 19 years of age in order to identify the general awareness of residents regarding shared policies to create a plan for the promotion of policy.

    The survey aimed to research policy contribution, current level of policy promotion, and any inconveniences, in addition to the level of awareness, experience, and satisfaction of Seoul’s shared policies to help serve as the groundwork for improvement. The public sharing service category was included in the survey for the first time to utilize as key data in policy establishment to further advocate a public sharing economy.

    The most anticipated project for the future promotion of Seoul’s Sharing City policy was Shared Parking Lots at 95.7%, followed by Ttareungi, Seoul Public Bicycle at 93.1%, Public Space, Facilities Sharing at 90%, Tool Rental Shop at 88.7%, and Sharing of Children’s Clothing and Toys at 87.9%, for a total percentage exceeding 87%.

    It was found that the levels of awareness and satisfaction for Sharing City Policy were high, with a rate of 97.7% among Seoul residents answering that they are familiar with more than one of the sharing policies, while the actual level of awareness of the Sharing City Project was much lower at 59.6%.

    The level of awareness regarding each policy showed Ttareungi, Seoul Public Bicycle ranked first at 92.5%, Nanumcar (car sharing) at 71.6%, followed by Shared Parking Lots at 48.6%, and Sharing of Children’s Clothing and Toys at 30.8%.

    The percentage of people having actually used one of the policy-based services within the past year came out at 55.4%, with Ttareungi, Seoul Public Bicycle occupying the top rank at 38.9%. Open Data Portal took the top spot last year as the most frequently used service, averaging 25.2 uses on a daily basis.

    The satisfaction levels of individual projects were shown to be 93.9% for Ttareungi, Seoul Public Bicycle, 91.0% for Nanumcar, 90.9% for Sharing of Children’s Clothing and Toys, 88.8% for Shared Parking Lots, and 88.7% for Shared Public Spaces and Facilities, for a grand total of an 85% satisfaction rate. The level of satisfaction among people using the policy-based services proved far higher than the level of awareness, revealing a high public satisfaction rate among people utilizing the sharing services.

    The reason for use of these services were based in the convenience of service use times and locations at 62.7%, simple and accessible process at 47.8%, and economic profit at 42.2%.

    The survey also touched upon exactly how much policy has contributed to life in Seoul. As a result, 80% of respondents answered that these services helped promote a greater quality of life, indicating their effectiveness.

    The most significant policy of this survey was the shared parking lot. This project is a Seoul policy in which resident-priority parking lots, annexed parking lots, and unused parking spaces are shared, resulting in its ranking first at 95.7% as a policy that people wanted promoted in the future as well. Of all the shared policies of the survey, this policy ranked first with 62.5% being unaware of the shared policies, responding that they have the intention of utilizing the shared parking lot service. The satisfaction levels among the public reached 88.8%, which was 9.1% higher than the results of the 2017 survey at 79.7%.

    This was the first survey conducted, targeting these services. Results found that there was great interest in Ttareungi, with the public awareness level of the service itself at 50.7%, with the anticipation for further policy promotion at 33.0%.