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  • Seoul Reorganizes Website for Offering Information on Air Quality & Particulate Matter

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    The city of Seoul has now integrated its website’s Air Quality Information and Particulate Matter Information. On March 16, Seoul reorganized the Air Quality Information website to become an integrated version so that the public can quickly and conveniently browse information on particulate matter levels and air quality.

    At the very top of the reorganized Air Environment Information main page, citizens can find a map on which information on the air quality levels and the locations of monitoring stations can be seen at a glance. The intuitive and succinct design enhances the delivery and readability of the information, offering the average values in Seoul and the measured values in each autonomous district.

    Integrated with the Particulate Matter Information website, the reorganized website provides the composite air quality level and information on the concentration of particulate matter. Specifically, the concentration of air contaminants (PM-2.5, PM-10, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and sulfurous acid gas) are automatically measured 24 hours a day and shared in real time with citizens.

    Adapted to the recently mobile-centered Internet environment, the reorganized Air Environment Information website adopted a responsive web design, which means mobile and tablet users can benefit from the same functions and information served on its desktop version. Additionally, the web design that reflects the latest trends resulted in better readability and the menus became richer in contents that will satisfy citizens’ interests.