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  • Seoul-related Articles Carried by Influential Press Media Every Day

  • Integrated News SMG 1983

    It appears that a total of 286 Seoul-related articles were carried by major press media the world over in the first half of 2011, which translates into 1.5 articles a day.

    The Washington Post of the U.S.A. (dated April 29), The Global and Mail of Canada (dated January 7)

    These articles focused on Seoul’s hidden attractions and tourism sites and the lifestyle and cultural activities of Seoulites.

    The Nisi Nippon Shimbun of Japan (dated July 4), The Sankei Shimbun of Japan (dated February 20)

    The main areas of interest in Seoul differed depending on the region. The press media in Europe and North America appear to focus on such things as natural resources, foods and traditional cultures in Seoul and the lifestyle of Seoulites, while the Japanese press media appears to be interested in places that are little known among ordinary tourists or in things related to hallyu.

    TRENDS.COM.CN of China (dated June 18), The Shenzhen Newspaper of China (dated May 24)

    Elsewhere, the press media in China and Southeast Asia appear to be interested in modern-day aspects of the city and famous shopping malls, whereas in Latin American and Africa, where Seoul remains relatively little known, the press media has started speaking highly of the environmentally-friendly attractiveness of the city.

    In terms of the type of press media carrying articles on Seoul, newspapers topped the list (117 articles / 41%), followed by online media (51 articles / 18%), news agencies (43 articles / 15%), magazines (33 articles / 12%), TV (32 articles / 11%), and radio (10 articles / 3%).

    Since 2008, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has made concerted efforts to publicize the city, including provision of the relevant materials, with the focus on tourism, cultural activities, arts and hallyu, rather than on relations between the two Koreas as in the past.