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  • Seoul RecSeoul Receives Special Mention at the “Metropolis Awards” for Sharing City 2014 Policy in October eives Special Mention at the “Metropolis Awards” for Sharing City 2014 Policy in October

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  • Seoul RecSeoul Receives Special Mention at the “Metropolis Awards” for Sharing City 2014 Policy in October eives Special Mention at the “Metropolis Awards” for Sharing City 2014 Policy in October

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    Seoul Metropolitan City will receive a Special Mention at the 5th Metropolis Awards for its “Sharing City” policy. This year’s awards ceremony will be held during the 11th Metropolis Congress (Oct 6 to Oct 10, 2014) in India. A number of prize-winning policies of large cities around the world, along with Seoul’s Sharing City policy, will be introduced at the ceremony.

    The Metropolis Awards are granted to celebrate policies of cities around the world that have contributed to enhancing the quality of life for their citizens. Hosted by Metropolis, a leading international association of cities and metropolitan regions, the Metropolis Awards (first, second, and third prizes, and the Special Mention award) have been presented every three years since its establishment in 2002. Metropolis is an international association that was created in 1985 to resolve common issues among cities and metropolitan regions around the world, and to encourage urban development through inter-city exchanges. Currently, it consists of 171 member cities.

    “For the past two years, Seoul’s Sharing City policy has contributed to resolving Seoul’s social and economic issues by spreading sharing culture,” said a Metropolis official, speaking about Seoul’s selection as an award recipient.

    The Sharing City policy began after Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon announced the “Sharing City Seoul” project in September 2012. Unlike some other cities in the United States and Europe that have launched policies centered on civic groups or businesses, Seoul is the first to adopt a new type of sharing project model that attempts to resolve urban issues at the public level. Through various policies, such as “Sharing Hub,” “Sharing Public Facilities and Spaces,” “Car Sharing,” and “Room Sharing,” Seoul has worked hard to propagate the concept of the sharing economy, and also contributed to the expansion of related businesses.

    • Establishment and Operation of the Sharing Hub (http://sharehub.kr/english)の構築・運営 : A platform that propagates the Sharing City policy and collects information on sharing culture and services in order to efficiently implement the policy. Established in June 2013 and visited by 1.2 million users.
    • Sharing Public Facilities and Spaces : A total of 1,007 conference rooms and auditoriums that had been reserved for use by public officials were made available to citizens.
    • Car Sharing :A car sharing service for which the Seoul Metropolitan Government actively provides administrative and fiscal support, such as business promotion and the provision of public parking lots. Currently used by 500,000 people.
    • Room Sharing: A policy that allows elderly citizens to share spare rooms with college students who are struggling financially. Currently, 55 people are sharing spare rooms in 49 houses in various districts, including Nowon-gu, Seodaemun-gu, and Gwangjin-gu

    In 2002, the Seoul Metropolitan Government received a Special Mention for its “Online Procedures Enhancement for Civil Applications (OPEN)” system. Also, in 2005, Seoul was awarded the second prize for its Bus System Reform Project, and received another Special Mention in 2011 for its “Women Friendly City Project.” This year’s award is Seoul’s fourth Metropolis Award.

    < Awards Seoul Has Received >

    • 2002 (Special Mention) : Online Procedures Enhancement for Civil Applications (OPEN) system
    • 2005 (2nd prize) : Bus System Reform Project
    • 2011 (Special Mention) : Women Friendly City Project

    “Receiving the Metropolis Award this year has granted us an opportunity to show that Seoul’s policies are well established internationally,” said Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon, He added, “We will share our policies with other cities in developing countries that are plagued with similar urban issues as Seoul and contribute to resolving them. Also, we will discuss new issues, such as the conflict with existing industries, with experts and citizens to improve Seoul’s sharing policies and make them more practical.”