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  • Seoul Recruits Participants for Riding Seoul 2019, Bicycle Parade of 10,000 Riders

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    Seoul will be holding Riding Seoul 2019, the global bicycle festival where Korean and foreign bicycle riders campaign for safety, riding from Gwanghwamun Square to Peace Square of Olympic Park, starting at 9 a.m. on November 10 (Sun.).

    The event will become an opportunity to raise the status of “Seoul, the City of Bicycles” as, for the first time in the country, foreigners visiting or living in the city are allowed to participate. Users of “Ttareungyi,” the public share bike, can also participate in the event.

    Riding Seoul 2019 is not a race in which people compete with speed, but rather it is a chance to make downtown Seoul a place in which to ride bicycles safely while also being a safety culture campaign to enjoy with family. Participants will be divided into advanced, intermediate, and beginner groups to ride bicycles while enjoying the late fall of downtown Seoul.

    Participants can have their bicycles checked for safety before departing from Gwanghwamun Square and should make sure to stretch before riding. It will be an opportunity to ride safely along roads that are normally filled with cars. Upon arrival at the Peace Square in Olympic Park, riders can enjoy cultural performances and prize lotteries.

    Eligible applicants are those of 15 years of age or older who can complete the parade’s 19-km course on a bicycle while wearing safety gear, such as a helmet. Those who do not have a bicycle may rent “Ttareungyi” and borrow safety gear in order to take part in the event.

    What makes the event unique is the participation of over 300 foreigners who have fallen in love with the charms of Seoul, the world’s city of bicycles. There will be preliminary events, such as “Touring Seoul on Ttareungyi,” for these participants.

    Recruitment of Participants for Bicycle Festival, Riding Seoul 2019 2019라이딩서울

    □ Event Overview

    • Date & Time: November 10, 2019 (Sun.), 9 a.m. (departure)
    • Venue: Gwanghwamun Square (departure) – Peace Square of Olympic Park (destination)
    • Program: Safety check before departure, bicycle riding, cultural events, etc.
    • Number of Participants: 10,000 people (on a first-come, first-served basis)
    • Eligible Applicants: Citizens 15 years of age or older who can safely complete the parade’s 19-km course on a bicycle while wearing safety gear, such as a helmet
    • Groups of Participants:
      • Group A (advanced) – Participants who can ride bicycles faster than 25 km/h for over one hour
      • Group B (intermediate) – Participants who can ride bicycles faster than 20 km/h for over one hour
      • Group C (beginners) – Participants who want to ride bicycles at a pace slower than Group B
    • How to Apply for Participation
      • – Recruitment Period: Starting on October 14, 2019 (Mon.); recruitment on a first-come, first-served basis
      • – Participation Fee: KRW 10,000
      • – Where to Apply: Online application on the website of 2019 Riding Seoul (www.ridingseoul.com)
      • – How to Apply: Please read the instructions thoroughly before entering your information
    • Bicycle Riding Course (draft)
      ※ This course is subject to change in the course of consultation with related institutions.
    • Program: Events before departure, bicycle riding, performances at the destination, etc.