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  • Seoul Recruits 80 Foreign Volunteers

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is recruiting 80 foreign volunteers to serve as ‘Seoul Quality of Life Monitors’ from February 8 to 15. After the document screening process, successful applicants will be announced on February 20 and carry out volunteer activities from March until December 2017.

    Composed entirely of foreign volunteers, the Monitoring Team will provide suggestions related to every aspect of their daily lives, and find and apply excellent cases of overseas administrative policies to Seoul. In 2016, 90 foreign volunteers from 31 countries and 10 Korean translators submitted a total of 336 suggestions, of which good suggestions have since been put into practice.

    No English Written in both Korean and English (Exemplary case)
    Seoul Station: Bus Transfer Center (No English) Seoul Station: Bus Transfer Center written in both Korean and English (Exemplary case)


    In addition to making policy proposals, the foreign volunteers will participate in an extensive range of city tours and Korean cultural and history programs and introduce Korean history and culture to other foreigners as honorary ambassadors of Seoul.

    For further information and the application, please visit the Seoul Metropolitan Government Website (www.seoul.go.kr) and the Seoul Global Center Website (http://global.seoul.go.kr). For inquiries, contact the Multiculturalism Division (02-2133-5076) at Seoul Metropolitan Government.

    Recruiting Foreign Volunteers for Seoul Metropolitan Government’s
    “2017 Seoul Quality of Life Monitors” Program

    • To improve the lives of foreign residents in Seoul, Seoul Metropolitan Government is now recruiting foreign volunteers who are willing to provide suggestions about inconveniences in every aspect of their daily lives, such as those related to multi-cultural family affairs, legal and governmental policy.
    • ○ Application Period: 2017. 2. 8. ~ 2. 15
    • ○ Number of Recruits: 00 people
    • ○ Qualifications for Application
      • – Monitoring Team:
      • Foreigners or marriage immigrants including naturalized citizens who meet all of the requirements below:
      • – Minimum of 1 year residing in Seoul and an intermediate proficiency in either Korean or English
      • – Applicants with a great interest and passion for Seoul
      • ※ This activity is considered volunteer work, and does not grant any special legal status.
      • ※ Monitor members who becomes illegal immigrants at any time during the volunteer activity will automatically be dismissed.
      • – Translator: 10 volunteers with translation experience
    • ○ Documents to submit
    • ○ How to apply:
      • Submit the application documents by email or visiting Seoul Metropolitan Government (during business hours)
      • ※ Address:
      • Multiculturalism Division, 9F, 110 Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea, 100-744
      • ※ Email: monitor@seoul.go.kr,
      • ※ Telephone Number: 02-2133-5076
    • ○ Notification of results: 2017. 2. 20.
    • Program Outline
      • ○ Program Duration: 2017. 3. 1. ~ 2017. 12. 31.
      • ○ Monitors will receive a fixed monetary compensation for their activities(20,000 won per report)
      • ○ Monitor members, who do not participate for at least 3 months, will automatically be dismissed.
      • ○ Appointment Ceremony and Orientation: End of February 2017
      • ※ The above schedule is subject to change