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  • Seoul Recruits 35 Individuals for the 2020 Global Internship

  • International Relations News SMG 8594

    Seoul is recruiting 35 international students for the 『25th Seoul Metropolitan Government Global Internship』 program until November 14, 2019.

    The city has been operating the Global Internship program for international students every summer and winter vacation since 2008 to offer individuals the chance to take part in Seoul’s municipal administration. Seoul is the first domestic government organization to offer such a program. Since the start of the program, 705 international students from 87 countries have participated in this program.

    Out of the international student interns (35 individuals) that will be recruited this season, 25 interns will be dispatched to Seoul City Hall and its affiliated organizations while 10 interns will be dispatched to strong but small, Seoul-type businesses. The interns will fulfill various duties such as collecting and analyzing political data from overseas, hosting international events, overseas marketing, and interpretation and translation support.

    The Global Internship program will be dispatching interns to strong but small, Seoul-type businesses for the first time this year. This opportunity will offer international students who wish to pursue employment in a domestic enterprise upon completion of their studies the chance to explore different courses while offering enterprises the opportunity to utilize talented individuals from overseas.

    Strong but small, Seoul-type businesses: Businesses among Seoul-based, small- and medium-sized enterprises certified by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and public institutions that are selected as a suitable place for young people to work at by Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Employment Policy Division based on business capacity, wages, working environment, etc.

    ※25th Seoul Metropolitan Government Global Internship Overview

    ❍ Internship Period: Jan. 2 (Thurs.)–Feb. 21 (Fri.), 2020 (7 weeks, 35 days)
    ❍ Working Period: 5 days a week (Mon.-Fri.), 6 hours a day (09:00-16:00)
    ❍ Training Support Costs (including lunch): KRW 56,540 a day
    ❍ Main Programs: Orientation (Dec. 2019), government field trip (Feb. 7), completion ceremony (Feb. 21)
    ※ The schedule above is subject to change.

    The 25th Seoul Global Internship Recruitment Notice

    □ Internship Recruitment Overview

    • Application Period: From Nov. 1, 2019 (Fri.) to 18:00 on Nov. 14, 2019 (Thurs.)
      ※ Application limited to documents that arrive within the application period
    • Number of Recruited Individuals: 31 individuals (public: 22, private: 9)
      • – Public (Seoul Metropolitan Government office and affiliated organizations/divisions): 18 divisions, 22 individuals
      • – Private (strong but small, Seoul-type businesses): 6 enterprises, 9 individuals
    • Qualifications
      • – Individual who is currently enrolled in a Seoul-based university (bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate program)
      • – Individual with a student visa (D-2) with a period of stay in Korea that is valid up to February 22, 2020
      • – TOPIK holder (with proof of document valid until Dec. 31, 2019) ※ Individuals who fail meet this requirement may not apply
        • · Bachelor’s program: above TOPIK level 3 (1st-2nd year students), above TOPIK level 4 (3rd-4th year students)
        • · Master’s · doctorate program: above TOPIK level 4
      • – Individual with no reason(s) for disqualification for issuance of a part-time work permit
        (*After final participants are chosen, each participant must receive and submit an issued part-time work permit. Final participants will be notified separately.)
      • – Preference given to holders of computer certificates, individuals with intern experience at public and private organizations
    • Documents for Submission
      • – (Required) 1. Application Form, 2. Alien Registration Card (copy, period of stay in Korea valid up to Feb. 22, 2020), 3. Certificate of Registration (original copy), 4. Transcript (original copy), 5. Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) transcript (original copy, certificate valid until Dec. 31, 2019)
      • – (Optional) Computer certificate, certificate of internship experience, foreign language (excluding Korean) report card
    • Submission Method: Email (global_intern@seoul.go.kr) submission

    □ Selection Method and Schedule

    • 1. Document Screening
      • – Selection Criteria: Requirement(s) by division (major, language, etc.), TOPIK score, school grades, etc.
        ※ Individuals meeting the requirements (major, language, etc.) of divisions (organizations) will be given preferential selection. Please read the division (organization) requirements of the [Annex] before applying.
      • – Number of Selected Individuals: Three times the number of individuals that will be recruited
      • – Announcement of Results: Nov. 27, 2019 (Wed.) at 18:00, selected candidates will be contacted personally (via email and text message)
    • 2. Interview
      • – Interview Period: Dec. 2 (Mon.)–Dec. 6 (Fri.), 2019
      • – Judging Method: Selected candidates will each visit the respective divisions to which they applied
    • Announcement of Finalists: Dec. 12, 2019 (Thurs.) at 18:00
      • – Finalists will be notified personally via text message or email. Divisions with no qualified applicants may choose not to select finalists.

    ※ For more information, contact the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Multiculturalism Division (82-2-2133-5077).

    Application Form 1 Application Form 2