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  • Seoul Recruits 20 Companies to Demonstrate Innovative Technologies on Stage

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    Seoul will be accepting companies with cutting-edge technologies to participate in the “Testbed Seoul” project. Through this project, the city will provide the chosen companies with opportunities to test their innovative technologies in various places and facilities, including subway stations, roads, and schools for up to 1 year, offering up to KRW 500 million in the form of support for business expenses. After the demonstration, the results will be accessed by the Seoul Metropolitan Government who will then issue the “Demonstration Certificate” that can be used as a reference when the companies search for new markets at home or abroad.

    Seoul Recruits 20 Companies to Demonstrate Innovative Technologies on Stage
    Selected Company Task
    1 Ninety System Co., Ltd. Deep-learning based technology for control of illegal parking in operating a technology in parking lot for residents only
    (R&D support type)
    2 UnU Inc. Online smart sensor for monitoring water quality in the sewer pipe network
    (R&D support type)
    3 U-Kyung System Disaster response monitoring system for outdated infrastructure facilities using GNSS
    (R&D support type)
    4 Money Brain AI Mayor of Seoul realized by using deep-learning face composition technology
    (R&D support type)
    5 UB Control Co., Ltd. Video exit sign for escape in case of disaster (fire) to reduce errors in perceiving direction for escape
    (opportunity support type)

    Celebrating its 3rd anniversary this year, “Testbed Seoul” is the first project of its kind to be launched by a local government. It is operated under two categories: ① R&D support type, in which only SMEs or ventures can participate to be provided with up to KRW 500 million in support for business expenses and demonstration venues and ② opportunity support type, which allows the participation of the large- and medium-size companies to be offered only demonstration venues, with no financial aid.

    The SMG researched the technologies, including AI, drones, and robots, that are required in administrative fields in advance to enhance the effect of the innovative technology demonstration to solve the urban problems. The city has selected a total of 20 challenging tasks and opened them to the public on June 1 (Mon.) on the Tech Proposal (www.seoul-tech.com).

    Seoul Recruits 20 Companies to Demonstrate Innovative Technologies on Stage


    AI VR/AR IoT Big Data Drone Block Chain Robot Renewable Energy Autonomous Driving Cloud
    20 4 4 3 2 2 1 1 1 1 1

    Additionally, the SMG will provide new permanent consultation services during the demonstration period to encourage the companies that are participating in the Testbed Seoul project to improve their technologies. The companies will not only be provided the opportunity to demonstrate their technologies, but also receive customized, special consulting services according to their field from the “Innovative Technology Support Team” made up of about 200 specialists in the technology, marketing, and investment fields so that they be can fully be supported to commercialize the products and services that they demonstrated.