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  • Seoul Records Largest Foreign Direct Investment in 2015

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    In 2015, Seoul Metropolitan Government attracted a total reported foreign direct investment (FDI) of USD 8.489 billion (as of December 27), the largest amount ever. This is a 54.7 percent increase over the USD 5.488 billion in 2014 and accounts for 41.6 percent of the total reported amount of FDI in Korea, which reached as high as USD 20.43 billion in 2015.


    Estimate of FDI in Seoul by year


    Chinese investment increases 22 times over that of last year; increases recorded in financial industry (247.3 percent) and M&A (173.9 percent)
    The city government indicated that the main reasons for the increase in FDI in 2015 were: a 2,138-percent increase in investment from China, a 247.3-percent increase in investment in the financial industry, and a 174-percent increase in M&A investment.

    Seoul makes active marketing efforts, including holding nine overseas IR sessions on Seoul’s most promising industries and signing MOUs with eight organizations
    Last year, Seoul Metropolitan Government actively promoted investment relations (IR) at home and abroad in an effort to achieve economic growth through the expansion of FDI. Also, through systematic activities to attract investment, the city signed MOUs with a number of organizations.

    Seoul makes continuous efforts to create jobs through FDI and ensure the city’s economic growth
    Seoul Metropolitan Government will operate teams tasked with increasing FDI in specific industries that are believed to have the greatest potential to contribute to Seoul’s economy, especially the financial, ICT, and bioscience industries. Moreover, the city government will actively attempt to attract investment both domestically and internationally for established as well as up-and-coming companies.

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