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  • Seoul Recommends “88 Industrial Tourism Attractions” and “10 industrial tourism-themed courses”

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    Museum Kimchikan

    Seoul has uncovered 88 “industrial tourism attractions” to arouse the interest of tourists from both at home and abroad, where they can experience, study, and look into a variety of industrial resources that reflect the past, present, and future of Seoul.

    This is the first time that Seoul compiled a list of the city’s diverse industrial resources and related sites in the categories of modern and traditional industry, game and sport, and fashion and beauty. Seoul aims to provide citizens and tourists with helpful information and encourage major travel agencies to develop new tour packages.

    The 88 “industrial tourism attractions” were selected out of 123 candidate resources considering their suitability as tourism resources (convenience, accessibility, attraction, etc.) and based on the results of on-site investigations. The selected spots include all sorts of attractions from representative companies to small business clusters, and were divided into 13 diverse categories.

    “10 industrial tourism-themed courses” were prepared for the enjoyment and experience of Seoul’s industrial tourism. The courses were organized to let people encounter a new Seoul with their friends, loved ones, or family centered around industrial tourism attractions.

    Seoul will also distribute the 2019 Seoul Industrial Tour Guide Book, which was published in several languages (Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese), containing the “Industrial Tourism Attractions” and “10 Themed Courses” to major travel agencies before the end of this month.

    ○ Readers will greatly benefit from the 2019 Seoul Industrial Tour Guide Book thanks to the related information as it includes detailed explanations of the 88 attractions and the 10 newly developed courses.
    ○ For more detailed information, visit the website of 2019 Seoul Industrial Tourism Resources (https://seoulindustrialtour.com/).