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  • Seoul Receives the C40 & Siemens City Climate Leadership Award in Recognition of its Solar Power Policy

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government recently won the second C40 & Siemens City Climate Leadership Award in the Green Energy category for its solar power policy.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government’s solar power expansion project began as part of Seoul’s energy policy that aims to reduce the number of nuclear power plants, and is pursuing a project called “Make Seoul a City of Sunlight” through the installation of solar power plants all over the city. Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon, who is currently visiting the United States, attended the awards ceremony held at the Manhattan Center in New York on September 22.

    “In Seoul, we plan to create a new model for our society where our citizens directly take part in generating solar power, thereby creating quality jobs and generating profit,” said Mayor Park Won Soon. “Seoul will work hard to cooperate and share its ideas for great urban projects to secure the future of our planet and a clean environment for our children to live in.”

    The City Climate Leadership Award is jointly organized by C40, a global network of large cities taking action to address climate change, and Siemens. The inaugural City Climate Leadership Awards was held in 2013, with awards being granted in 10 categories. Main policy evaluation and award categories include:

    ①Green Energy, ②Energy Efficient Built Environment ③Intelligent City Infrastructure ④Waste Management ⑤Finance and Economic Development ⑥Carbon Measurement and Planning ⑦Urban Transportation ⑧Sustainable Communities ⑨Air Quality, and ⑩Adaptation and Resilience.

    Seoul won the award in the Green Energy category. After an evaluation of Seoul’s current energy use, generation, and citizen participation and the achievements of its policy to reduce the number of nuclear power plants, the Seoul Metropolitan Government was recognized for the effectiveness of its solar expansion project and the progress it has made in such a short period of time compared to other cities.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government increased its energy independence through improvements in innovation and the citizen-participatory structure. Furthermore, the city induced KRW 63.5 billion of private investment to install 23MW solar power plants in 28 locations over the last three years, making use of underused public spaces. Also, Seoul adopted a feed-in tariff system for businesses consuming less than 50kW and provided them with financial support of KRW 104 million. Furthermore, the Seoul Metropolitan Government pursued the installation of citizen-participatory solar power plants through project loans using the Climate Change Fund (1.75%), making a “sunlight map” distribution plan for public, mini solar power plants for apartment buildings, and providing support for cooperatives and energy independent neighborhoods.

    C40 & Siemens City Climate Leadership Awards

    • Significance : Awards that bring global recognition to cities that are demonstrating climate action leadership
    • Purpose : Encourage advanced policies to address climate change (began in 2013)
    • Host : C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group & Siemens
    • Categories (10) : Green Energy, Energy Efficient Built Environment, Intelligent City Infrastructure, Waste Management, Finance and Economic Development, Carbon Measurement and Planning, Urban Transportation, Sustainable Communities, Air Quality, and Adaptation and Resilience

    ※ 2013 Awardees: Copenhagen (Carbon Measurement and Planning), New York (Adaptation and Resilience), Mexico City (Air Quality), etc.

    「 C40 」

    • Year Established :2005
    • ※ Convened as “C20” under the leadership of former London Mayor Ken Livingstone, expanded to C40 in 2007
    • Purpose : Group of megacities promising to pursue action on climate change
    • Chairman: Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes
    • Organization :69 member countries (43 megacities, 22 innovative cities)
    • Major Activities
      • Holds a summit every two years for mayors and exchanges achievements
      • Trains climate change policy administrators through workshops and small-scale conferences
      • Supports efforts to reduce carbon emissions in cities and enhance energy efficiency

    Public Facility Solar Power Plants Built with Private Investment

    • Amsa Arisu Water Purification Center (5,000KW)
    • Seonam Sewage Treatment Center – Primary
      (1,300KW),Secondary (2,995KW)
    • Suseo Vehicle Depot (675KW)
    • Guro Digital Complex Station (100KW)
    • Gangseo Wholesale Market (1,191KW)
    • Gangnam Citizen Convenience Institution (77KW)
    • Seodaemun Youth Center (60KW)
    • Seoul Business Incubation Center (99KW)