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  • Seoul reborn with a global style

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    Seoul is proud to be Asia’s first city to launch a localized edition of Britain’s premium travel guide, “Stylecity,” published by Thames & Hudson. Stylecity has sold more than 500,000 volumes since its launch in 2003 in 11 cities that boast a unique culture, character, and exciting travel activities. Some of these cities are London, Paris, New York, and Rome. Seoul is the first Asian city to join this exclusive club.

    A magazine with tradition and class: an insight to the city’s streets, accommodations, food, and shopping.

    The premier “Stylecity Seoul” edition carries the must-see sights that were selected by British travel writer Martin Zatko during his two-month visit to Seoul.
    Six areas around Seoul have been singled out to highlight unique sights worthy of attention, each supplemented with photos and an attractive presentation. Each section is organized into sleep, eat, drink, shop and retreat.
    *Samcheong-dong – Bukchon – Buam-dong – Seongbuk-dong *Apgujeong — Cheongdam-dong – Garosugil * Itaewon — Hannam-dong — Huam-dong

    Seoul’s most outstanding character: coexistence of modern facilities and the renaissance of its traditional culture.

    Martin Zatko came to the conclusion that Seoul’s most distinctive characteristic is the coexistence of modern facilities engineered by the country’s rapid economic development and the renaissance of its traditional culture. Unlike a standard guidebook, this publication focuses on style as it offers insight to hotels based on the latest trends and restaurants. When introducing restaurants, for instance, the guide not only offers basic information like the taste and prices, it also provides detailed and alluring descriptions of the overall ambiance and expected experience.

    Zatko says the “Apgujeong – Cheongdam-dong – Garosugil” area stands out as “non-Korean,” as it is plush with the latest global designs and internationally renowned high-end restaurants.
    On the other hand, Zatko introduces the “Samcheong-dong – Bukchon – Buam-dong – Seongbuk-dong” area as being the city’s artistic nexus where its traditional beauty is represented by the stylish cafes, restaurants, and art galleries.

    “The fact that Seoul is Asia’s first city to become a member of Stylecity is evidence that our city is receiving recognition as a global tourist destination,” Seoul City said. “We plan to continually encourage the publication of the Seoul edition as it is an opportunity for the city to expand the awareness of its style and allure across Europe and North America, and not just across Asia, where the Korean Wave has already allowed Seoul to captivate this demographic.”

    Seoul City said it looks forward to Stylecity Seoul improving the city’s international image and, thanks to the globally recognized distribution network of Thames & Hudson, effectively promoting its appeal as a premium tourist destination to world-class cultural intellects.