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  • Seoul rated best in civil-service satisfaction for 3rd straight year

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    Seoul City received the best score in a survey of satisfaction rated by citizens for civil services in 2009. In the process it beat the score of the year before and was the highest since 1999. So, the city saw satisfaction levels for its civil services surpass those of the previous year for the third consecutive year.

    Seoul’s administrative service for civil affairs receives 78.2 points, up four points from a year ago.

    The latest survey of some 20,000 citizens was conducted by three polling agencies, including Gallup Korea, and a group of independent citizens, between October last year and January this year.

    According to the results of the survey on the ‘Satisfaction Level for Civil Services in 2009,’ which were released on March 15, the city received 78.2 points in the category of administrative services for civil affairs, compared with the 74.2 points it received in 2008, when the figure was up only 0.1 point from the year before. So, the 2009 figure represented significant progress in this category.

    Civil services, including the ‘120 Dasan Call Center,’ receive higher levels of satisfaction.

    By category, the administrative service for civil affairs was rated best for the third straight year. In particular, two sub-categories, the ‘level of kindness by public officials’ and ‘efficiency’ received higher scores of 81.3 points and 82.8 points, each. Such higher scores came as a result of Seoul’s efforts to improve the quality of its services, including the the ‘120 Dasan Call Center,’ which offers one-stop services for citizens 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Services for women rose by 10 points from 2007, and those for female employment and business start-ups need improvement.

    The level of satisfaction in the category of ‘women’ rose by 1.1 points to 53.9 points, and all of its sub-categories, including services on childcare, increased steadily. The 2009 figure was up by nearly 10 points from 2007, when it stood at 44.2. However, the level of satisfaction on the sub-category of ‘female employment and business start-ups’ was relatively low. So, the city has concluded that the level of administrative services for women hasn’t yet reached a level satisfactory to women. To improve the level, the city said it will map out and implement practical projects.

    Higher level of satisfaction for four riverside parks along Hangang.

    The level of satisfaction for 12 riverside parks, along Hangang (River), rebounded to 64.3 points by recovering from the level seen in 2008 when the Hangang Renaissance Project was underway. The 2009 figure was up by an average 2.2 points from 2008, when it stood at 62.1 points. In particular, the level of satisfaction for four out of the 12 riverside parks was more than nine points higher than that of the remaining eight parks. Last year, Seoul City completed the first-stage of specialization projects on the four parks, including Ttukseom Park. So, the results indicated that citizens preferred the revamped parks to the existing parks.

    Meanwhile, the survey of 20,000 citizens in Seoul was taken by three polling agencies, including Gallup Korea, and a group of independent citizens between October 2009 and January 2010. The survey interviewed the respondents in relation to 10 categories of civil services offered by Seoul City and local districts.

    Level of Satisfaction for Civil Services in 2009 – (Unit : point)
    Items Category Level of Satisfaction
    Seoul City Administrative services for civil affairs 78.2(74.2)
    Women 53.9(52.8)
    Hangang parks 64.3(62.1)
    Subway 77.5( – )
    Buses 74.7( – )
    Water supply 75.7( – )
    Senior Welfare Center 80.6( – )
    Local Districts Public cleaning 71.9( – )
    Community health centers 75.8( – )
    Citizen autonomy 78.0( – )