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  • Seoul Pursues Establishment of “Public Rehabilitation Hospital for the Disabled” Proposed by Citizens

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    Seoul will be constructing its first “Public Rehabilitation Hospital for the Disabled,” which was selected as a policy after a citizen proposed the idea on Democracy Seoul (democracy.seoul.go.kr), backed by more than 1,000 other citizens.

    ○ The Public Rehabilitation Hospital for the Disabled provides lifetime medical service for patients, from disabled children to adults, and helps them return to social life through holistic rehabilitation.

    To the citizen who proposed, “What about building a Public Rehabilitation Hospital for the Disabled?” Mayor Park Won Soon of Seoul responded, “The city will promptly start the process for the construction.” The city of Seoul posted a video of Mayor Park making a statement on Democracy Seoul on June 30 (Tues.).

    Mayor Park said, “There is a golden time for the rehabilitation of the disabled. The city of Seoul will actively pursue the establishment of the Public Rehabilitation Hospital for the Disabled in order for 394,000 citizens with disabilities to receive timely treatment.”

    This is the third answer from Mayor Park since those to the “Seoul-type support for the costs of medical infertility treatment for infertile couples” and the “obligatory protection of feral cats in construction zones,” and the first one this year.

    As establishing the hospital will take a great deal of time, Seoul will expand its public rehabilitation policy to reduce the difficulties of rehabilitation for the disabled by leaving no stone unturned to tackle the rehabilitation and healthcare of the disabled.

    What the city will be pursuing is ① the establishment of the nation’s first Public Children’s Hospital, ② Seoul-type Local Healthcare Centers for the Disabled, ③ the expansion of the medical rehabilitation of the disabled adolescents, and ④ the expansion of the rehabilitation medical departments in municipal hospitals.

    First, Seoul will make sure to construct Gangbuk Children’s Hospital, the nation’s first hospital for children only, by 2025. It will be a special hospital with about 250 beds including treatment departments for acute and special diseases as well as rehabilitation facilities for disabled children.

    Second, Seoul will designate two more “Seoul-type Local Healthcare Centers for the Disabled” (southeastern and northeastern parts of the city), where patients will be able to be provided with integrated healthcare services, not only medical and healthcare but also welfare services.

    This will enhance the quality of healthcare, adding to pre-existing “Local Healthcare Centers for the Disabled” (Boramae Hospital, Seoul Rehabilitation Hospital) designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

    Third, the “Medical Rehabilitation Project for Adolescents with Disabilities” will be expanded to effectuate the rehabilitation and treatment of disabled adolescents.

    Fourth, the rehabilitation medical department in the municipal hospital will be gradually expanded, and the existing Seobuk Hospital will be reorganized into a hospital specialized in rehabilitation treatment during the recovery period.

    Mayor Park Won Soon said, “There is a golden time for the rehabilitation of the disabled. For adolescents with disabilities, in particular, they need rehabilitation treatment that befits their stages and characteristics of development as they are undergoing a rapid physical transitions. We hope that Seoul’s answer, ‘Public Rehabilitation Hospital for the Disabled,’ will become a meaningful catalyst after which the government takes the responsibility of the disabled and their families. We will encourage the participation of citizens through Democracy Seoul to make sure that their ideas and participation lead to the creation of policies and changes in their daily lives.”