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  • Seoul Publishes “Silent Book,” an Infographic Training Manual for Occupational Health and Safety of Migrant Workers

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has published the Silent Book, an infographic training manual for occupational health and safety of migrant workers—the first of such kind in Korea. As it contains visuals and does not require interpretation or translation, it will be widely distributed to migrant construction workers who are not proficient in Korean.

    In light of the increasing number of migrant construction workers, the goal is to easily communicate workplace safety rules through visual aid so that migrant workers can understand and exercise caution to prevent workplace accidents caused by language barriers.

    The manual is available for download via the SMG website (https://cis.seoul.go.kr/TotalAlimi_new/SafetyManualDtl.action?seq=8803&upSeq=0&regId=spree06&type=X&brd_id=98#none).

    The Silent Book contains a total of 73 safety rules in 5 areas (personal protective equipment, temporary facilities, dangerous equipment, construction equipment, and citizen safety), including 10 basic items of occupational health and safety, created by the SMG to protect workers at construction sites and prevent safety accidents.

    Excerpts from the Silent Book

    Excerpts from the Silent Book - 1

    Excerpts from the Silent Book - 2

    Excerpts from the Silent Book - 3

    Excerpts from the Silent Book - 4