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  • Seoul Publishes Color Blind-Friendly Subway Map

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    Seoul published a new subway map for people suffering from color vision deficiency, currently numbering nearly 1.5 million in Korea and some 300 million throughout the world. The map offers an easier view of the map for those with difficulty differentiating between colors and is set to be printed and distributed at 290 station buildings under the jurisdiction of Seoul Metro, including Lines 1-8 & Line 9 from Eonju Station to VHA Medical Center Station, starting from December 6, 2018.

    The subway map was designed with a customized color, brightness, and chroma by line to enable everyone, including the public and the color-deficient, to distinguish between lines and directions. Subway lines with colors difficult to distinguish were further accentuated by adding variations of line thickness.
    Lines 2, 4, 7, and 9, consisting of colors that appear similar to color-blind individuals, were given colored borders to promote increased differentiation between the lines. Transfer stations, where two or more lines overlap, are marked with both the color and the number of each line for easier recognition as well.

    Seoul Publishes Color Blind-Friendly Subway Map
    <General map> <Map for both color-blind individuals and the public>
    General map Map for both color-blind individuals and the public

    The map incorporates the combined use of curved and straight lines to the straight-lined design of the current subway map to also promote easier line recognition for people with weak eyesight and presbyopia sufferers.