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  • Seoul Public Administration Offered As a Regular Course at CMU, U.S.A.

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on Tuesday, 12 March that it had signed a memorandum of understanding with Central Michigan University (CMU), USA, on the opening of a public administration course on Seoul City at the university.

    Central Michigan University, A class at Central Michigan University

    CMU will be the tenth university in the US to offer a case study course on the capital after Cornell University and Rutgers.

    The other U.S. universities that have already opened a graduate level “case study” course of the public administration of Seoul in their renowned graduate schools of public administration include the University of Texas, the University of Delaware, Florida International University, the University of Central Florida, the Rutgers University, the University of Georgia, Portland State University, and Cornell University.

    Developed three years ago, the course offers a one-week field trip to Seoul during the first semester. During the trip, students attend briefings by Seoul City officials and visit various sites of current public management initiatives.

    Seoul City plans to offer a similar course in universities in other English-speaking countries such as the UK and Canada, with the eventual goal of making Seoul the global center of exchange of information on municipal administration. Currently, the city government is in discussion with a number of British universities well known for their academic achievements in the area of public policy and administration, with a view to opening a public administration course on the city of Seoul in 2013.